EV/HEV Motor System project Manager (Electric and Hybrid vehicles

Job Description


  1. 1. Be responsible for the development of overall technical scheme, including the design and process of motor and controller. 
  2. 2. Be responsible for the connecting work with OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
  3. 3. Be responsible for the decompounding and assignment of the task after the program is developed.
  4. 4. Be responsible for the project programming and following up the whole project  schedule.
  5. 5. Take a lead in tackling key technical difficulties and problems 


1. Has been engaged in project management of EV/HEV motor system.

2. Not less than ten years working experiences in new energy motor industry.

3. Deep understanding of the technical difficulties, process route and development trend of permanent magnet synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, switched reluctance motor and controller.

4. Has experiences of dealing with the relevant work of motor design, controller design or process design in the field of new energy vehicle motor.

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