SQE Senior Engineer

Job Description


  1. Responsible for parts supplier resource collecting and reserve of e-motor and e-motor controller
  2. Responsible for confirm the purchasing cost of e-motor and e-motor controller’s outsourced parts
  3. Responsible for on-site inspection of e-motor and e-motor controller suppliers to confirm their supply capacity
  4. Responsible for the selection of e-motor and e-motor controller supplier, and sign business agreement
  5. Responsible for knowledge popularization and problem solving work of department’s e-motor and e-motor controller project 
  6. Responsible for parts process knowledge popularization work of department’s e-motor and e-motor controller project


  1. Degree: Bachelor or above
  2. Major: vehicle engineering, mechanical design and other related majors
  3. Seniority: With over 7 years new energy vehicle e-motor or e-motor controller system supplier development or management working experience, with strong organization and coordination ability, age above 30
  4. Skills

A Necessary skills: 

  • Familiar with e-motor/e-motor controller Benchmarking OEM’s matching system, familiar with Benchmarking OEM’s supplier development process, with talent training, problem solving and improvement, teamwork and communication, resource management ability

B Job qualification:

  • Familiar with TS16949 system requirements
  • With supplier field review and process review ability
  • With cost accounting, cost negotiation ability

C Tools:

  • Proficient in the use of Office SW such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Basic application ability of drawing tools like CAD, UG, etc.
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