Production Planning supervisor

Job Description

Responsible for: 负责


1.      Coordinate and Instruct production planner daily task and ensure production planning fulfillment according to agreement customer delivery demand  协调和指导计划员的日常工作,保证按照和客户达成的发货需求完成生产计划生产


2.      Coordinate  production, logistics and purchasing, programming. quality, IE,maintenance all internal resource parts to ensure delivery 协调内部生产,物流和采购,项目,和质量,工程,维修等所有内部资源方,来保证发货


3.      Daily/Weekly communicate delivery demand with customer and also related adjustment 日常/每周和客户沟通相关的发货需求和调整





  1. Updated related production capacity based on customer demand and also pre-preparing capacity increasing proposal based on machine/material leading time ,also human resource requirements  根据客户需求更新生产产能,并根据设备和物料的交货周期,同时人员的准备预先提出产能增加的方案


  1. Instruct production planner task and  let production-planning supervision, scheduling for production, preparing production schedules for manufacturing of PAS products.



  1. Handle production planning related working process and procedure making and updating 负责计划部门相关作业流程和作业指导的制定和更新


  1. Making sure each operation meets shipping dates according to sales forecasts / customer orders.根据相应的销售预测和客户需求确保每一生产过程保证交期


  1. Coordinate related parts and instruct production planner, Maintain production shop work in process and finishing goods inventories in accordance with pre-determined inventory levels and targets.



  1. Planning and scheduling workflow for each department and operation according to the manufacturing sequences and lead times.



  1. Determining the status of assigned projects, expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions.



  1. Preparing related planning forecast weekly report , inventory daily or weekly or monthly production reports 。



  1. Ensures all parties are fully cognizant of production status, & that work planning and execution objectives are integrated & communicated.



  1. Analyzes requests for maintenance/repair services & determines the validity, content & scope of requested work.



  1. Interfaces with Supply Chain, Purchasing, Industrial Engineering, Programming and Customer to coordinate the deliveries.



  1. Schedules, expedites, & coordinates the delivery & movement of critical material, including material transfers & conditional material releases,  make inventory within reasonable level

计划,加快和协调关键物料的发货和移动,包括物料的周转 和特许有条件物料的放行,保证库存在合理水平

  1. Coordinates the resolution of discrepancy reports, customer requests, etc.



  1. Coordinate related EDI receiving and stock-counting task 协调EDI数据的接收和盘点工作


  1. Contact with customer planning department confirming if any changes or updating information about delivery schedule 与客户计划部门直接联系确认是否交货计划有改变或更新


  1. Handle production planner performance reviewing and related training activity to increasing working efficiency and working skills 负责计划员的绩效评估,并负责相关的培训来满足工作技能和工作效率的提高


Education / specialized knowledge / experiences / vocational training:


·         Knowledge of demand planning;物料需求计划

·         Knowledge of SAP;SAP系统知识

·         MS Office;操作office经验

·         Familiarity with processes in logistics and warehousing有一定的工厂物流和仓库经验

·         Team leader or supervisor experience is required 需要有主管的工作经验


Work place / work equipment:


·           PC/data processing;电脑/SAP