Job Description

1) 和职能部门一起定义在项目团队中工作的成员的角色和责任;
Works with functional groups to identify roles and responsibilities of people involved in the program.
2) 准备并编制项目定期会议;
Prepares for and schedules a project regular meeting.
3) 领导项目定期会议并和团队一起对项目计划进行持续评估;
Lead the project regular meeting, review the project plan with team on the regular basis.
4) 按照项目实际情况更新项目计划;
Updates and re-plans the program as required.
5) 确保必要的项目数据项目计划等信息按照适当的文件管理系统进行管理;
Assure the required program data and project plans are entered into the appropriate documentation systems.
6) 回顾并文件化管理项目边界、目标和可交付成果(项目范围);
Review and document project boundaries, objectives, and deliverables (Program Scope).
7) 参与和客户之间及母公司之间的技术讨论;
Involved in the tech. discussion with customer and SP global.
8) 对现有技术进行持续改善; Continuous improvement of existing technologies.
9) 参与工程变更和持续改善活动 participation in engineering change and continuous improvements
10)协调团队成员的活动,以满足客户需求; Coordinate team members’ actions to meet customer requirement

技能要求 Function Requirement
1 本科及以上学历,机械制造/工程/材料等专业 Bachelor or above, major in Engineering .
2  汽车行业或橡胶密封行业相关工作经验3年以上;more than 5 years project management working experiences in Automotive or Rubber seal industry
3 熟知TS16949质量体系要求、产品责任; Familiar with TS 16949 quality system, and product liability

4 熟知SPC、FMEA、PPAP、APQP等知识Familiar with SPC, FMEA, PPAP, APQP knowledge;
5 具有很强的管理沟通经验与组织协调能力 Have the effective quality management and communication and control ability;
6 流利的英语口语、计算机熟练操作 Have the ability to communicate in English, familiar using of the computer.
7 熟悉橡胶材料者优先Experienced in rubber material is prefer.
8  熟练地三维软件技能,可接受Catia,优先考虑UG. Skilled of 3D software, Catia is acceptable, UG is prefer;