Safety Manager 安全经理

Job Description


Main responsibilities
2. Together with central H&S team set up strategy, policies and procedures for LQ.与中央H&S团队一起为路桥工厂建立战略、政策与程序。
3. Secure legal requirements.保证法律要求执行。
4. Responsible for the day to day management of a safety engineering team and arranging support from subcontractors and specialist consultants. 负责日常管理一个安全工程团队,支持从分包商和专家顾问的工作安排。
5. Assessing health and safety risks. Surveying health and safety system Investigate industrial accidents, injuries, or occupational diseases to determine causes and preventive measures. Lead continuous improvements efforts.

Academic Qualifications Required:
1. Bachelor's degree in Industrial Safety Science or industrial hygiene or related. 工业安全科学或工业卫生等相关经验。
Experience Required 
2. 5+ years of practical experience required with at least 2 years of experience in a managerial capacity. Prefer within automotive industry. 
3. Fluent English, oral and written. 良好的英语口语、写作能力。
4. Ability to multi-task and quickly adapt to changing priorities. 能处理多任务,快速适应不断变化的环境情况。
Strong leadership, organization and excellent communication skills are required. In-depth understanding of regulatory requirements and in regards to safety. 需要强有力的领导、组织和优秀的沟通技巧。对于安全监管有深入理解。
5. Specialized knowledge in the safety field requiring independent judgment and complex problem solving ability. 在安全领域的专业知识的要求独立的判断和解决复杂问题的能力。