President of Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicle Company

Job Description

Antal International - recruitment company - is looking for a large Automotive Group, a President of Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicle Company

Work location: Baoding , China

Salary: Negotiable, depending ti the profile, but very high range


1.      Over 15 years experience in the global leading heavy truck companies

2.      Over 5 years experience in a similar role

3.      With strong technical background

Job Scope

1.      Responsible for the project management of the fuel cell truck's full life cycle, formulate product development plan, supervise the implementation, and provide decision-making suggestions on major issues (such as project changes/start and stop, etc.) that occurs during project implementation to ensure that expected targets can be achieved after product development

2.      Responsible for the development and implementation of fuel cell truck vehicle development, including but not limited to vehicle performance definition determination and system decision-making, product verification process planning and implementation, product launch planning and after-sales market problem solving

3.      Responsible for the process construction of the fuel cell truck vehicle development system, including but not limited to participating in the formulation or optimization of product development, trial production, verification, quality assurance, supplier system, manufacturing process and other related processes; establish product development process related coordination mechanism between relevant departments such as procurement and quality assurance

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