Engineer,Supplier Quality Electronics HV

Job Description


English CV is required together with Chinese CV.

Location Shenzhen

Qualification 任职条件

o Education教育背景


Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or related.



o Experience (type of)工作经验(类型)


Minimum 3 years of engineering or quality work experience in automotive business, stamping or tool industry



o Specific knowledge/skills具备的知识/技能


Knowledge of quality relevant processes, methods and standards (e.g. VDA 2, VDA 6.3, PPAP, APQP)

With PPAP related working experience.

With working experience about body in white parts or press parts.

Certified VDA 6.3 auditor is preferred.

Analytical skills, good communications skills.

Fluent in both spoken and written English.

具备质量相关的流程、方法和标准知识(如:VDA 2、VDA6.3、PPAP、APQP)

- 有PPAP相关工作经验

- 有白车身或冲压件相关品质经验

- 具有VDA6.3审核员证书优先

- 良好的分析、沟通技能

- 流畅的英语口语以及书写能力


Job designation/Field of work工作任务/职责范围:


1. Supplier selection: 供应商选择

Plan and execute source evaluations at potential suppliers. Check action plans and monitor the implementation of countermeasures at the suppliers. Final evaluation and recommendation to SAC (Sourcing Approval Committee).




2. Preventive quality management: 预防性的质量管理 (*)

Evaluate potential risks of supplied parts and their production process in the phase of product and process development. Focus on critical products and suppliers. Select and use appropriate difficult quality methods, tools and standards.




3. Process audits at suppliers: 供应商过程审核 (*)

Execute and lead preventive and reactive process audits to ensure stable processes in the start up phase to determine the quality of supplier’s production processes.




4. Production process and product release: 生产过程及产品的放行 (*)

Coordinate, control and release the product quality regarding complex requirements (i.e. drawings and specifications) and the ability of the production process to achieve a permanent high level of quality. Train, support and assist the suppliers in the preparation of documents regarding prototype, OTS- and Initial samples including reports. Plan, execute and monitor the PPAP process internally and externally including documentation of the results; Inspect the delivered PT parts as well as the PPAP parts (according to responsibility matrix), also in the case the production location change. Evaluate and support FMEA (D and P).


协调、控制并放行产品质量,其涉及到复杂的质量要求(如图纸、规格说明书)以及生产过程能力,目的是实现永久的高质量水平。在样件、OTS- 和首样许可资料的准备方面培训、支持并协助供应商。策划、实施并监控内外部的PPAP流程,包括结果的存档;检验到货的PT以及PPAP零部件(根据责任矩阵图)以及生产场所变更的处理。评价和支持D-/P- FMEA。


5. Handshake parts: 零部件移交

Handover of responsibility for parts after SOP (Handshake) to BYD A Quality.

将SOP后零部件管理的责任移交给BYD A品质部门。


6. Claim process: 索赔流程

Handle critical and complex claims before handshake and in the ramp up phase. Initiate failure analysis (8D-report) including corrective action plans and containment actions. Support BYD Quality after handshake for critical claims of supplied parts.




7. Supplier readiness: 供应商准备情况

Plan and lead cross functional supplier readiness teams (SRT) or participate actively to support the suppliers to solve critical and complex product and process quality issues.