Head of Hospital in Great Wall Motor

Job Description

LocationBaoding (China)

Salary Negotiable depending to the profile

Be attached toMedical project team

Niche FieldMedical care

Target HospitalParkway Health in Singapore, The ten largest private hospitals in Hong Kong, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan 

Langage skillsEnglish (full professionnal capacity) - Candidates with Mandarin skill is preferred

Status Analysis

1. The tertiary hospital project in Northern New Industrial Town has been started, as the relevant works like investment planning, architectural design, operation and management of the project are too professional and complex, so an expert that can fully control this project is in urgently need. 

2. The medical project belongs to Great Wall Group, and medical talents in professor level will only be involved in medical programs, therefore Great Wall does not have such professor level technicians.

The Policy and Plan of this project

Set up the matched medical system around the new community, and the community medical service will gradually be developed into a health service center and general hospital, and finally into a tight medical treatment combination in region-level.

The task that need to be accomplished by the candidate and the expected results

Responsible for the establishment of the hospital project, and ensure the effective utilization rate of project investment reaches 100%


1. To be responsible for the professional investment proposal and the overall operation management plan of the hospital, and to establish the operation monitoring system;

2.Participate in the evaluation of architectural design plan, construction cost, equipment purchase and so on; Keep abreast of the project schedule and problems during project development, and timely solve them by organizing and coordinating with staffs in related department;

3. In charge of the formulation of hospital management objectives and implementation measures, focuses on the efficiency of hospital operation, and ensure the maintenance and appreciation of hospital assets;

4. Overall leadership in hospital administration, medical care, nursing, hospital infection, teaching and research, prevention and health care, human resources, financial management, management, information management and logistics support;

 5. Organize the formulation of the overall hospital development plan (combined with the overall strategic objectives ), annual work plan, arrange the inspection on schedule, guide and summarized the work, and report the feedback to the board of directors;

6. Supervision of hospital management and quality management, performance management and assessment, combine the benefits of hospital management with the salary of employees, and maximize the enthusiasm of employees;

7. To recruit administrative and medical staff according to the state personnel policy and hospital management system;

8. Strengthening hospital cultural management and brand building, shaping a good social image of the hospital.


1.EducationBachelor’s degree or above

2.MajorManagement, medicine, etc

3.AgeUnder 55 years of age

4.Working Experience

a. At least 10 years working experience in a regional general hospital as the head or vice president of a general hospital;

b. With the experience of building a private general hospital, familiar with the hospital construction process, proficient in hospital function planning, in-depth understanding of hospital architecture;

5.Required Skills

a. Essential skills: with the modern hospital management consciousness, familiar with private hospital management model, service flow, quality control;

b. Job skills: honest, positive and optimistic, with strong medical management  ability, organization, coordination and implementation ability, with a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.

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