Job Description


1. Ensure planned KPI’s of efficiency and performance are met or exceeded. 确保有效、保质保量的达到或超过已经计划实施的KPI各项目标。

2. Conduct Performance appraisal and Track competencies of subordinates and provide leadership and development as required to achieve the objectives。对下属进行绩效评估和跟踪能力,领导和发展团队完成各项工作目标。

3. Coordinate, set up and implement standard operating procedure for all Fabrication operations 对原材料机械加工制造工作建议精准的操作管理流程,并保质保量的贯彻执行。

4. Monitor and determine fabrication costs and outlay, quality and quantity of goods, production methods, tooling applications and ensure the effective use of production hours, skills, machines, equipment and facilities.对制造成本和费用、产品的质量和数量、生产方法、工具的使用程序等进行监测和精确控制,确保有效利用生产时间、操作人员技能、机器、设备和设施。

5. Participate in planning production schedules, technical requirements and operation controls related to all fabrication operations. 参与规划与原材料机械加工制造相关的生产计划、技术要求和操作控制等业务工作。

6. Expedite scheduled production, investigate and resolve delays and initiate corrective action. 加快计划产量速度、调查和解决延误和发起纠正措施加以解决和改进。

7. Coordinate operations-related programs such as fabrication methods, cost reduction initiatives, preventive and regular maintenance, training, staffing, safety and housekeeping. 协调并推进与原材料机械加工制造运营相关的所有程序的执行及改进,如制造方法、成本削减计划,预防和日常维护、培训、人员、安全管家

8. Administer company rules, regulations and policies. 严格执行公司的规则,规章和政策

9. Problem solving on customer complaints and quality issues. 解决客户投诉和质量方面出现的问题

10. Participate in and help direct the selection and acquisition of capital equipment for the production area. 参与和帮助相关支持部门选择并改进与原材料加工制造区域有关设备及固定资产。

11. Daily safety/environment monitor and improvements日常安全/环境监控和改进

12. Develop and implement a Continuous Improvement system 开发持续改进系统并对其有效的进行实施。


Job Requirements and qualifications:

1.         Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or related. 本科学历,机械工程或相关专业。

2.         Lean manufacturing (like JIT, Lean systems for productivity improvement) / continuous improvement background. 精益生产(如JIT,精益制造系统的生产力改进)/持续改进的背景

3.         Broad knowledge of manufacturing, quality principles and familiarity with welding operations.对生产、质量原则等有足够的了解和掌握,熟悉焊接等制造操作流程和管理。

4.         5 years experiences on Welding operations.5年以上焊接等实际生产管理经验。


- Good English Skill on reading and writing, Middle level on listen and speaking 英语读写流利,简单的英语沟通能力

- Good Skill on MS system (word , Excel ,PPT etc.) 良好的OFFICE 办公软件操作能力

- Good skill and experience on team leading and communication around mulit team. 良好的团队领导经验和跨部门沟通解决问题能力。