General Manager of Group Overseas Subsidiary (Great Wall) (Russian and South African Haval subsidiary)

Job Description


According to the group's overseas strategy and the goal, the subsidiaries of the network development and planning, market management, product planning, brand communication, after-sales service and other management work to enhance the subsidiary's overseas operations, support the Group's overseas expansion plan, and output the business results reported to the chairman and president;

1. According to the network to enhance plan, review and develop marketing network planning, coordination of internal and external resources, promote and improve the sales network construction, and regularly form a network planning report;

2. According to the product life cycle management process, organize the implementation of market trends, industry policies and regulations, competitive products and consumer information research, provide objective basis and input for product development and business decisions, according to local conditions to promote the product planning, market, promotion etc.;

3. Relying on the subsidiary brand management strategy, organization planning subsidiary brand operating system structures and brand promotion activities, build an international car brand image, enhance brand influence;

4. According to the subsidiary company market development plan, guide the after-sales servicesystem to build and operate, enhance customer satisfaction;

5. According to the organization's human resources strategic planning, to guide the organization to carry out market management and team building work, to enhance the team cohesion, mission, to ensure the organization of standardized operation and continuous innovation;

6. According to the market development rules and key points, establish and improve the financial, management and other risk prevention and control system to protect the operating results of subsidiaries;



1.     Education: Bachelor or above;

2.     Work experience: automotive or related industries overseas market management experience 5 years and above, over 3 years of the same position management experience;

3.     Language requirements: fluent in English, have the country language that be sent to preferred to consider:

4.     The ability requirements:

②    Keen market insight and analytical skills;

② Excellent team leadership and staff management skills;

③ Excellent communication skills, interpersonal management ability, with local resources are preferred;

④ Good practical ability in process control, development cooperation and cross culture management;

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