Tender Business Manager

Job Description

Job Title:                   Tender Business Manager

Industry:                    Pharmaceutical 

Location:                    Germany

Salary:                        Competitive Salary Package + Benefits

Job Purpose

Strategize and drive the tender business for the country to drive tender sales in line with overall sales objectives

Key Accountabilities

Accountability Cluster

I. Design and implement the Tender sales strategy for the country to ensure big deals for Company, in line with expected business targets.

Major Activities / Tasks

a. Define a unique strategy for the tender business for each institutional segment separately (e.g.: Private Hospitals, government hospitals, Local Government Bodies, MOH, etc.) in close liaison with the country head to ensure big deal wins for Company.

b. Closely monitor the tenders being published/ circulated by the official government and none governmental bodies and analyse the tenders to evaluate Company’s eligibility for participation.

c. Identify and prioritize the tenders for participation based on Company’s therapy focus, deal potential and competition.

d. Act as the single point of contact for all tender business-related activities for Company, in the country

II. Drive the institutional sales target for the country by participating in various tenders.

Major Activities / Tasks

a. Prepare all documentation as required for participation in a particular tender.

b. Coordinate with the government agencies to receive the required approval documents for Company products (such as regulatory etc.)

c. Coordinate with the Group marketing team and Finance team to finalize the pricing for products being offered on the tender.

d. Ensure the pricing of repeat tenders is still competitive, to retain repeat business and still maintain profitability.

e. Ensure that the end-to-end tender application is ready and contains all attachments and submit the same to the concerned authority in a timely manner.

f. Conduct negotiations with the tender authorities to drive the deal to closure.

III. Execute and monitor sales orders and payments for smooth flow of operations.

Major Activities / Tasks

a. Coordinate with the logistic team to resolve major bottlenecks/ issues hampering the execution of orders.

b. Validate all documentation related to an order, and then release the order for fulfilment.

c. Ensure adequate supply of products within different therapies, to be delivered against tender order received, by coordinating with planning lead.

d. Coordinate with the planning lead for advancement of urgent orders by performing trade-off with other orders.

e. Collaborate with the QC team to ensure quality of products shipped for the tender order.

f. Follow up with the tender issuing authority to ensure receipt of payments in a timely manner as per the agreement.

IV. Identify and recommend new product strategies in existing portfolio to drive the sales for slow-moving products

a. Identify Company brands/ products and categorize them as per slow moving or non-moving.

b. Recommend strategies to the management/country head to drive sales of such products by possible price reduction, etc.

3. Major Challenges

Constant price pressures from tender issuing authorities with expectation of prices to be reduced with every repeat order, makes it difficult to sustain profit margins. Uncertainty in the delivery date of supply of products (at times, not always)

4. Key Interactions


a. Logistics team

to ensure supply of products as required (regular).

b. Planning team

for order trade-offs and pricing (regular).

c. QA/QC

to ensure quality of products imported (regular).

d. Regulatory

for renewal of product registrations.

e. Finance team

to get inputs on profitable pricing of products (regular).


a. Business Partners/ Tender issuing authorities / Clients

b. since operating on a B2B model, regular business is conducted via these partners.

b. KOLs/ MOH/ State Pharmacies Corp.

to influence deals in favour of Company (regular)

c. Government authorities/ officers

for regulatory requirements on tenders (regular)

5. Dimensions

Business therapy focus (in line with overall Company aspiration defined for the year): Focus on principal therapies like respiratory.

Overall Sales Target (FY 2020-21): 4Mn -6 Mn USD

6. Key Decisions


Logistics Amendments

Delivery Commitments to Clients

Product registration renewals & assurance to clients.


Price negotiations with Finance and Group Planning Team/ Country Head

All financial matters require approval from Country Head


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