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Physical Security Manager

Job Description

Job Title:             Physical Security Manager

Main purpose of the job:

Provide and furnish Security Services with sound collation, co-ordination and analysis of administrative and statistical information as well as the prediction of security ratios and risk trends.

Provide security consultation and enforce minimum security standards and specifications.

Manage any and all aspects relating to security operations for the Bank, Manage the security services to support the Bank’s standards of protection for people and assets at points of representation, other strategic installations and support operations regionally.

Key responsibilities:

1. Source strategic tactical information and plot this information on the Risk Matrix and maintain the document.

2.Timeously and accurately interpret data and information obtained from the field.

3.Manage information technology on incidents.

4.Provide the strategic prediction of security trends and patterns.

5.Compile sound analytical and systematic reports, Analyse monthly Ops Risk & Compliance Reports to the executive, to identify areas where Security be involved..

6.Development of risk profile matrices in alliance with the project management team.

7 Furnish recommendations based on factual analysis,

8.Be involved up front on site selection for Branch Build, co ordination with centre for approvals and security installations.

9.Ensure involvement in sign off of blue prints for branches, ATM’s, cash centres and head office buildings by country

10.Supervision of installation of Security equipment, Access control, CCTV, Alarms, Fire detection.

11. Setting up security controls in line with the prevailing environment and formulate a security framework for the region with the focus on value engineering and fit for purpose security solutions.

12. Keeping a close track on security threats and alerting the network as necessary

13. Constant monitoring of security equipment and ensuring its maintenance and upgrade timeously in line with the required standards, Approved minimum standards for physical security to be adhered to, in line with Central Bank requirements.

14. In conjunction with Head Security services, design, implement SOP.

15. Train staff and guarding service providers on relevant SOP. 

16.  Maintenance of SLA with service providers, guarding and Police.

17. Taking accountability of security breaches and playing the role of a security champion within the Bank

18.  Development of Security Awareness programmes for both staff and clients (internal and external).

19.  Develop and maintain Process for Extraction and Repatriation of Expats

20.  Monitoring the implementation of SLAs with security services companies

21.  Supervising security guards and conducting surprise checks as necessary.

22.  Regular site visits and Audit reports

23.  Network with agencies (governmental and non-governmental), other banks and non banking institutions to establish national security intelligence data source and data bases.

24. Provide Information, Guidance and necessary protection for SBA Travelers into the SBA Regions directly and through support of the Control room

25. Consequence Management Detailed follow up and reporting on all incidents.

·         Key threats facing the Bank

·         Material losses and Near misses

·         Key Initiatives to combat financial Crime

·         Material matters of interest

26. Provide emergency incident management guidelines per country.

27. Ensure effective security service provider relationship management per country

Key performance measures:

•The accurate measurement of results / outputs

•The reduction of cost / losses through the timeous provision and communication of predictive patterns.

•The prevention of violent and/or commercial crime.

•The development of a heat map (blueprint) of the current status and potential outcomes or predictions.

•Time specific execution.

•Comply with all the banks Governance policies applicable to his role and always act in an honest, ethical, objective manner, in the best interest of the bank.

•Pro-active security threat assessment on  elections in African countries and deploy appropriate security counter measures

•Points of Representation, Produce reports, update on national / local crime situation and trends, provide security advice and assistance, create security awareness and vigilance

•Manage in Country security requirements in line with country Central Bank.

Key dimensions of the job:

•No direct reports/ Functional Administration reporting by in Country Resources. 

•Ability to positively influence decisions made by the business around security matters

Important relationships:

Networking and building relationships with various stakeholders to optimise the bank approach to security and intelligence information gathering

•                    Internal Customers

•                    External Customers

Will be required to set up a partnership with external security bodies to source and compare statistical data, establish close working relationship with the Policing bodies and other stake holders, INCLUDE, the Reserve Bank, The Banking Council, Industry forums at national level, other banking institutions, police services, service providers etc.

Problem solving, planning and decision making:

Problem solving:

•Required to analyse statistical security data, and develop, and recommend solutions that span the inherent complexity, scope and magnitude of the problem.

•Solutions will be based on required research and an innovative approach towards idea generation

•A longer term perspective is applied to problems faced and preventative measures are initiated, for example, the conducting of trend or root cause analysis.

•Continuous thorough needs and SWOT analysis to be conducted.

•A high level of judgement and flexibility is required in dealing with security issues. The risks and complexities associated with security are well known and regarded as unique. There are no single, simple or clear cut solutions. New methods and concepts are therefore essential when setting and adopting policies and approaches to meet the challenging environment


•Plan and predict trends for 1 to 2 years taking into consideration the constant changing variables.  Requires weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reporting.

•Takes a medium to long term perspective with regard to security planning.

•Requires flexibility due to the constant change in business trends.

•Build in the provision for adjustment in planning and operationalisation of ideas to ensure plans are practical and in line with business objectives.

Decision making:

•Advise and influence critical decision making based on statistical information, predictive trends, SWOT analysis.

•Quick to assimilate and integrate new information.

•Monitor changes in the operating environment and quick to act on potential opportunities.

•Able to weigh various alternatives and take the initiative within limits of authority.

•Take into consideration socio-economic dynamics, business needs, market trends when influencing decision-making.

• Is accountable in ensuring the correct information is sourced and plotted so that the decision-makers are in a position to make an informed decision.

Knowledge, experience and personal competencies:


•Business / Commercial / Risk Qualification.

•Computer literacy is essential

•Required knowledge in accounting, budgeting and risk management

•Some form of security or business analysis qualification through a university institution

•Knowledge of the security environment and security products and equipment

•Knowledge of security procedures and legislation

•Sound knowledge of corporate security coupled with 10 to 12 years experience in the field

•Management and leadership skills as well as the ability to interact and communicate effectively at all levels both internally and externally

•This area is a specialised function and as such requires specialised knowledge


•Previous managerial experience

•Previous Police  and Investigative related experience is beneficial

•7-10 years Commercial or Retail experience with 5 years at managerial level.

•Experience in managing projects.

•At least 5-6 years job related experience required.

Personal competencies:

•Energy & Drive

•Trustworthy and honest

•Good leadership, interpersonal and communication skills

•Results oriented, strongly motivated to achieve, adheres to deadlines

•Customer service oriented.

•Ability to take initiative

•Ability to operate independently

•Numerically inclined and methodical

•Good team player

•Ability to work under pressure.

•Ability to be persuasive and influence decision- making.

•Ability to analyse problems and research solutions.

•Tough minded, rarely upset by criticism, able to retain optimism despite setbacks.

•Technically astute

•Excellent people management skills

Skills and Competencies:

·         Computer literacy.

·         Drivers licence.

·         Logical thinker.

·         Systematic and analytical approach to problem solving.

·         Capable of handling stress.

·         Capable of handling criticism.

·         Good verbal and written communication skills.

·         Good Project Management skills.

·         Excellent Time management skills are required.