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Operations Manager

Job Description



Operations Manager (OM)

Roles & Responsibilities

 Our client, Is a multinational company with a branch in Ghana. They provide quality products and total façade engineering solutions.

Position                                              : Operations Manager for Facades /Building Envelopes

Job Location                                      : Accra – Ghana

1)     The Job Summary:

Ensure the efficient Operations Management of the Company’s activity in Ghana within the area of responsibility specified here-below:

·         Report to & support the Managing Partner

·         Manage & Monitor the Operations functions which includes the back office technical, procurements and logistics teams.

2)     The Roles & Responsibilities:

2.1) Business Development

·         Assist Managing Partner & Business Development Manager in developing the Company strategy and goals aiming at expanding business activities and services in Ghana.

·         Assist Managing Partner & Business Development Manager in preparing their integrated business plan for business development, marketing & sales for the Ghana market; Assist in assessing risk/reward trade-offs, long term viability and financial contribution to the company.

·         Provide, through technical & pre-sales team, the necessary technical & pre-sales support to the Business Development & Sales team for compiling, presenting, and defending of the offers.

·         Support by a direct presence at customer’s location or where needed, for technical & sales presentations, the Business Development Manager & Sales team.

2.2) Bidding

·         Assist Managing Partner in setting the guidelines and procedures for the bidding activities based on and inspired from the Corporate Policies.

·         Review and assess tenders documentations (RFI, RFP…) received from Business Development Manager and other channels.

·         Undertake in collaboration with Business Development Manager & Sales team a bid/no bid exercise to decide whether to make a submission or no.

·         Manage the preparation of tenders’ documentation across Ghana and the ECOWAS business; ensure required documents are prepared by the different stakeholders according to customer requirements company’s procedures and submitted within deadlines.

·         Support the Managing Partner & Business Development Manager to drive the bidding to successful closure, consistently delivering solutions to maximize long term profitability of the project.

·         Support the Managing Partner & Business Development Manager to manage customer relationship throughout the bidding process.

·         Support the Managing Partner & Business Development Manager to develop, negotiate and agree with client’s terms and conditions of delivery of the project.

2.3) Procurement / Contract Management

·         Set sourcing goals in compliance with overall Corporate Business Development strategy.

·         Set guidelines and procedures for procurement activities in compliance with overall Corporate Business Development strategy.

·         Develop, negotiate and agree with international supplier’s dealership price lists and special discounts when needed for big projects.

·         Monitor and approve the procurement of material and equipment requested by project managers/site engineers through the procurement & logistics officers.

·         Collaborate with Managing Partner in view of obtaining best possible purchasing prices from suppliers.

2.4) Project Management

·         Ensure use of best practices project management tools and procedures and comply with quality systems.

·         Ensure proper planning and scheduling of projects resource requirements in coordination with the different stakeholders for timely delivery of projects.

·         Set Project Budget & Cash Flows, monitor projects costs and ensure that they are well managed and properly reported to the different stakeholders.

·         Act as a facilitator if need be between the different stakeholders of a project to resolve any conflict and ensure a smooth and timely execution of the project.

·         Apply the company’s safety standards in line with the International Standards and comply with Project requirements

·         Review business and technical terms of contracting documents and support the Managing Partner throughout the legal review process. 

·         Agree with the Managing Partner and Financial Manager on the warranties and bonds to be engaged per project.

·         Assign, in coordination with the Managing Partner, a Project Manager/Engineer for each new project and then manage and develop project managers in charge of these individual projects

·         Review and validate the project charter, plan, and resources as developed by the assigned project manager.

·         Review and approve project managers’ requests for resources (human, material, financial) and submit them to the concerned corporate services unit for proper action.

·         Develop appropriate tools for controlling project budgets and resources

·         Develop the appropriate tools to oversee and monitor all projects planning and implementation.

·         Ensure that all necessary legislations are being complied with

·         Ensure that the works carried out under the contract satisfy the client’s and the Company’s safety standards and in compliance with local safety requirements

·         Plan and conduct general inspections and ensure that regular safety meetings are conducted on site.

·         Attend to solve any emergency situation within operations

·         Develop an operational library that includes all operational manuals and documentation and ensure that each project is maintaining its own documentation

·         Approve all openings within the operations department and coordinate with Corporate Services department for sourcing the required candidates

·         Conduct interviews with candidates submitted for vacancies within operations, approve hiring within the presales team, recommend project managers hiring to the Managing Partner and validate the technical competencies of project’s staff.

·         Responsible for the proper management of the human resources within operations i.e. assignments, attendance, performance, reward, training, etc..

·         Carry out periodic skills reviews of staff under supervision to ensure they meet the skills requirements and provide support/coaching to all operations staff as necessary

·         Develop team commitment and co-operation

·         Update personal skills, knowledge and qualifications and licenses to maintain a high level of competence

·         Communicate effectively in the workplace

·         Meet and set high standards of service to colleagues and customers

3)     The Areas of Responsibility:  

Support as and when needed and requested based on punctual missions:

➢     Nigeria                       : The Company’s branch in Nigeria

                                   ➢     Ivory Coast                : The company’s branch in Ivory Coast

5)     The Objective of the Operations Manager:  

The Objective of the OM is to proactively support the Managing Partner and contribute to enable the achievement of a turnover of the company and its affiliated business in the ECOWAS region to reach a global turnover as follows:

2016:                                      $  10,000,000.00

2017:                                      $  15,000,000.00

2018:                                      $  20,000,000.00

Total 3 years Period:           $45,000,000.00 

1.     OM will commit on striving to take all the necessary steps to create circumstances within his area of activity that will allow the companies to reach the above targets.

2.     Success will be measured on the total 3 years period, yet with a yearly evaluation.

3.     The Comprehensive Income on this turnover should not be less than 20%

The Company’s financial P&L percentage target should be maintained within a base line as per the following template with an objective to improve on all lines so that the net bottom result goes ascending.

The Managing Partner is responsible for reaching this target, supported by the Business Development Manager & the Operations Manager.

P & L Objectives

Sales                                                                : 100%

Cost of Sales                                                    :  -60% (Direct Cost of Project Material and Manpower)

Gross Profit Margin                                       :    40%

Operational Expenses

Salaries & Related Charges    : -  9%

General & Admin Expenses    : -  4%

Dep & Amortization                : -  4%

Tax & Other Charges              : -  0.5%

Provisions                                : -  0.5%

Financial Expenses                  : -  1%

Exchange Losses                     : -  1%

Total Operational Expenses                          :  -20%

Profit for The Year                                         :    20%

 6)     The remuneration package

The OM all inclusive annual salary is $72,000 and will be as per agreed contract terms. Further to the contract terms the OM will be granted a performance bonus of 2% on net profit of the current financial year realized by the companies and based on simultaneously achieving the following:

1.     2016 minimum combined sales target of $10,000,000.00 on which a minimum of 20% yearly net profit is to be achieved

2.     Achieving the below deliverables as listed in item 2.1

2.1 The Deliverables: 

I.        Review, contribute and apply the company’s Operations Management policies & procedures.

II.      Keep up-to-date the current organization chart which has been developed by the Managing Partner & Operations Manager with the aim of maintaining a fully integrated structure that will enable the Companies to achieve their missions and to implement the business processes.

III.    Take a proactive and collaborative approach with the Business Development Manager, Marketing & Sales teams in Ghana as well as all teams in other ECOWAS Countries.

IV.    Collaborate with the Business Development Manager and the Marketing outsourced provider (IHC or other) to identify and build the needed marketing material & tools.

V.      Support all the efforts of the BDM to get the names of the company on the approved vendor list of the Consultants, Government & Para-Government institutions, Financial and Corporate Institutions.

VI.    Support all the efforts of the BDM to get the names of the company's companies certified by Government & Para-Government institutions.

VII.  Support all the efforts of the BDM to get the brands represented by the company's companies on the approved vendor list of the Consultants, Government & Para-Government institutions, Financial and Corporate Institutions.

For clarity’s purpose the 2.5% bonus is computed as per the following example:


Sales Turnover                                                                                                : $10,000,000.00

Profit for the Year                                                                               :                     20%

Profit Value                                                                                                     : $   2,000,000.00

Performance bonus (2%) on the Profit of the Year                            : $         40,000.00

Cashed Turnover within the financial year is                                     : $   7,500,000.00

Profit for the Year                                                                            :     20%

Profit Value                                                                                     : $  1,500,000.00

Performance bonus (2%) on Profit of the Year                                  : $        30,000.00

The balance of $10,000.00 to close the $40,000.00 overall Performance Bonus will be paid as and when the full year receivables are cashed during the second financial year.

Bonus Payments: All bonus payments are made based on the quarterly (April, August, and December) results of the financial year. The payments will be issued during the month following the quarterly results (May, September, and January)

The forecast will be revised on a quarterly basis by the managing Manager, the OM, & the BDM. The objective of these revisions is to make sure the company is on track to achieve the set targets and if need be take corrective measures to do so.

7)     Conclusion

The Managing Partner will extend her full support to the OM & BDM so that the deliverables & the set financial targets in item 2.1 above are reached.