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Global Export Manager

Job Description

    WORK   Relations:                     

a)  Reporting to: General manager; 

Has under authority : back office export ( 3 employees) and RSM export (7 employees working as B2B technologists engineers in Europe)

b)   Functional: with all company departmentes

c)    Representation: representing the company in front of specialized control entities, as well as in relationship with suppliers, customers, people/organizations from Romania and abroad with whom they come into contact in the course of their work.

Key requirements:

Job objectives:
Achieving business objectives to the parameters of Q (Quality ), C (Cost ) D (Delivery ), M (Motivation) , T (Technology), E (Environment ) and S (Safety), expected by the company's customers, internal customers within the company and its management, the main domestic customer, and the continuous improvement of these factors.


Essential duties and tasks of the Global Commercial Export Manager:

-        Setting development targets for subordinated divisions, according to the strategic objectives of the company;

-        Providing necessary resources for achieving these objectives;

-        Effective and efficient coordination of the department personnel, in order to achieve the objectives;

-        Motivating the team by any means necessary and its involvement in the process of continuous improvement;

-        Exercising control on all hierarchical levels within the department, for the purpose of verifying the type and degree of implementation of the actions and their compliance with the standards implemented in the department;


-        Drafts plans for all commercial activities

-        Plans the sales on every product for every customer in the defined geographical area.

-        Follows the constant flow and execution of weekly orders

-        Signals possible future sales not covered by existing stock.

-        Watches the evolution of the partner business, regularly assessing (on a weekly or a monthly basis as the case may be) the stock on each product sold by CLIENT as well as potential products that we additionally could sell to each partner, depending on the seasonality of each product and each brand separately.

-        Tracks and regularly analyzes the evolution of the cash-flow, the degree of indebtedness and profitability of the partner

-        Tracks and verifies the accuracy of all documents prepared.

-        Exercises control on all hierarchical levels within the department, for the purpose of checking the modality and the extent of implementation of the actions and their compliance with the standards implemented into the department

-        Evaluate the results of market research;



-        analyzes market data and the competition’s activity in the area

-        participates in evaluating the results of marketing campaigns and defining the annual strategy

-        follow the execution of marketing campaigns and its budgets

-        participates alongside company’s staff to the organized exhibitions and seminars, at their request

-        proposes and plans customized campaigns for the portfolio partners; campaign proposals will take into account the general objectives: increasing sales, decreasing term collection, increasing profits, increasing market share and customer loyalty, weakening competition



-        ensures the sustainability of the credit granted to clients in the limits set out in agreement with the management

-        tracking the payment of the sold merchandise, until the deadline agreed and stipulated in the contracts is reached, and solve any delays in cashing for each client;

-        monitors and proposes a credit limit for each partner

-        achieving of both GM value (gross margin) and GM% according to the target

-        achieving a higher ratio of sales with payment instruments

-        decreasing the medium term of collection on each area.

-        finalizes the commercial contracts for all the clients with payment deadlines

-        communication with Financial Department regarding setting credit limits and payment deadline

Duties description:


1.    Quality assurance (Q ) of the  products and services in the Sales Department, through:

-        implementing and verifying the compliance with the standards of inspection specific to the commercial activities. (Quality barriers, the provisions of the quality standards implemented in the company, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC 22000, HALAL , etc. );

-        implementing and verifying the compliance with the operating standards in the commercial activities i.e. the rate of non-conforming services to fit established objectives;

-        applying corrective measures, corrective and preventive actions required to improve performance in quality of products and services in sales

-        ensuring good collaboration with other departments involved in the quality assurance of products and services in the department, as defined in the material and information flow in SMS.

-        ensuring compliance with the company's commercial policy

-        maintaining connections with all state authorities regarding commercial activities

2.    Ensuring the lowest cost through.

-        Supervising company stocks

-        Overseeing the launching of orders

-        Communicating special offers


3.    Ensuring observance of deadlines for delivery of products and services  ( D- delivery) by :

-        ensuring all necessary resources for the subordinated divisions, in accordance with customer requirements, and taking into account the 5 M (human resources, materials, necessary equipment, work methods and an appropriate environment); 

-        ensuring judicious planning activities , according to seasonality and specific enforcement;

  • continuously monitors and controls the execution of the plans;
  • establishes deadlines;

-        supervision of stocks

-        organizing monthly and quarterly meetings with the staff in the department.


4.    Providing motivation (M - motivation, morale) for the staff of the B2C department and improving its image within the organization through :

-        achieving quantitative and qualitative objectives and communicating them to staff.

-        the involvement of the staff in the process of analysis and problem solving, related to the activities of the department or supplier-customer relationship with other departments;

-        ensuring a very high level of intra and inter-departmental communication;

-        training the department staff, with the aim of developing individual and professional competencies, in in accordance with the matrix program and training plan of the department;

-        rewarding individual and team performance, both in terms of financial, material, and from the point of view of collective appreciation (non-financial motivation)

-        public recognition of merits and achievements;

-        ensuring good communication with top management .

5.    Use of technology ( T ) and knowledge ( know-how );

-        decides the manner and degree of usage of equipment, depending on the volume and nature of the commands and taking into account the processing capacity;


6.    Ensure a climate conductive to communication encouraging initiative towards achieving performance as well as respecting the environment (M);

-        implementation of inter- and intra-departmental communication channels;

-        improving the quality of communication in terms of the language used, and respecting the kaizen principle "talk with data !

-        stimulating the participation of staff in the "improvement ideas” project

-        requiring a "behavior code" oriented towards performance and continuous improvement


                  7.    Ensuring food safety and security personnel (S)

- strict compliance with all legal and normative current acts (laws, decrees, regulations), internal rules and internal company standards;

-        compliance with, implementation and verification of compliance with the standards of quality for which the company is accredited (ISO 9001 , ISO 22000 , HACCP, FSSC 22000 , HALAL ) ;

-        staff training, regarding the observance of  the rules of safety and health at work;

-        staff training, regarding the compliance with the PSI standards;

-        identifying, removing or reporting to the competent persons of the dangers that arise in the workplace;

  •  ensuring compliance with emergency procedures and evacuation

. Description of responsibilities:

Related to specific tasks, is responsible for:

-        on-time completion and compliance with the sales objectives;

-        the quality of the organizational climate;

-        the quality of the management department;

-        the correctness of the data reported;

-        the quality of the relationship with suppliers and customers;

-        efficient use of the resources allocated to the department;

-        compliance with the obligations of the company towards suppliers and customers.


Related to managerial duties, is responsible for:

-        effective coordination of the subordinate staff;

-        appropriately equipping the staff with the proper and necessary equipment and consumables;

-        the quality of training of subordinate employees.



Related to work discipline, is responsible for:

-        continuous improvement of his/her professional and specialized training;

-        compliance with internal norms and procedures;

-        is involved in the settlement of crisis situations affecting the company;

-        compliance with the rules of hygiene, safety and health at work, the rules on prevention and firefighting and emergency action, the rules for the protection of the environment;

-    use, preservation and maintenance of protective equipment in case of emergency.

 The conditions at the place of work:

Working hours: 8 hours and extra, depending on pace demands and deadlines to be met.

  • Ambient: not working in special ambient conditions.
  • Trips: performing regular daily trips due to requirements of the position occupied.
  • Space: office work and field
  • Terms of training: attends various training for professional and personal development
  • Budget: responsible for staying within budget 
  • Degree of autonomy


-        defines plans for sales and revenues;

-        requests activity reports and takes the necessary measures in order to increase the effectiveness of the company's activity;

-        uses equipment/supplies/materials and computer provided by the company;

-        sets the priority of the tasks to subordinate staff;

-        approves rewards/penalties, extension/termination of the activity after the trial period of employees;

-        approves/rejects the requests of subordinate staff.

Performance indicators: according to KBSC developed annually, based on the objectives set by senior managers

        Evaluation Period: 120 days of employment, and regularly annually.


1.    Education level: high

2.    Specialized training:  in the food industry and in the commercial sector

3.    Other studies, courses and specializations: general and specialized management..

Knowledge and skills:

- knowledge of sales processes, specific materials, equipment and machinery and of working methods.also in the field of health and work safety

- general and specific legislation concerning health and safety at work, fire-fighting and prevention, health and hygiene rules specific to the workplace;

- hazard warning symbols in the workplace;

- specific protective equipment;

- firefighting equipment;

- the evacuation plan of the factory;

- emergency procedures, first aid and evacuation.


Work Experience Required:  minimum 2 years experience in management; with great sales development expossure - international key account achievements 

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