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Head of Human Resources (“HHR”) -UK

Job Description

Job Title: Head of Human Resources (“HHR”)

Client:        Banking Institution

Location:   London, United Kingdom

Salary:      £90,000.00+ Benefits

Reports to:   CEO

Supervises: Receptionist

Purpose of the Role

Working closely alongside the CEO, and in support of the other departmental heads, the Head of Human Resources has overall responsibility for all people based activity within the firm, both from an operational and strategic perspective. The role reports to the CEO with a secondary reporting line into the Chairman of the Board Nominations & Governance Committee (BNGC).

The role supports the delivery of the strategic Business Plan and strategic objectives within the context of UK Employment Legislation, Regulators Remuneration Code and Health & Safety Regulations.


  • Providing timely, accurate, and relevant Human Resource advice, guidance and oversight to Senior Management (particularly the Board and CEO) on all HR matters.
  • First point of contact for all levels of staff in relation issues, providing guidance, advice and insight.
  • Informing staff of the HR policies and procedures in place and communicating the impact of changing legislation/ regulation and the effect on the firms’ HR policies, which may affect current or future employee conditions.
  • Ensure all HR policies, procedures and documentation are kept up to date, complying with all relevant legal and regulatory rules/regulations. Specifically the staff handbook, Remuneration Code and the SMCR framework.
  • Develop and implement an effective long term HR strategy in line with the overall business plan.
  • Ensure all Job Descriptions and Role Profiles are kept up to date, reflecting staff changes, moves or restructuring in accordance with SMCR.
  • Key involvement in senior level decision making for both day to day management and strategic direction of the firm from a people perspective.
  • Ensure payroll is completed accurately and to deadline.
  • Provide management information to CEO and BNGC for considered decision making and control relating to HR topics such as: tracking employee turnover, monitor staff absences (including sick leave and maternity leave), recruitment costs, training requirements, etc.
  • In liaison with the CEO, establish succession plans to accommodate staff turnover, natural attrition and promotions ensuring a continuity of service provision.
  • Define and oversee frameworks that support employee performance and talent management and ensure that regular staff appraisals are carried out in accordance with policy to monitor staff and identify areas of development.
  • Create reward and remuneration policies, documenting pay review, bonus and promotions policy, to encourage staff performance and to attract, retain and develop top performers.
  • Co-ordinate recruitment and resourcing throughout the firm in conjunction with Heads of Business Areas; building relationships with recruiters, drafting job specifications, setting up and conducting interviews.
  • Prepare employee contracts, and terms & conditions of employment in line with employment legislation and regulation and to meet the needs of both the employee and the Bank.
  • Work closely with senior management to instill a culture across the firm that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement and high performance, to support the business strategy.
  • Analyse staff training needs to aid the design and implementation of a practical employee learning and development plan, within agreed budget.
  • Staff induction program.

Per the PRA Delegated Responsibilities:

Head of HR has been delegated the responsibilities for the

  • firm’s performance of its obligations under the senior management regime;
  • firm’s performance of its obligations under the certification rules;
  • compliance with the firm’s obligations in relation to its management responsibilities map;

Head of HR has sole responsibility for:

  • monitoring effective implementation of policies and procedures for the induction, training and professional development of senior management, other than members of the governing body;

Senior Management & Certification Regime (SMCR) – FCA/PRA

Certification Regime

Membership of Governance and other Key Committees



Board Committees:

Board Nominations and Governance Committee (BNGC)- Attendee

Executive Committees:

EXCO - Member

Security Committee - Member

Experience required


  • In-depth knowledge and experience of:
    • HR Function in a financial institution including experience of:
      • Policy development and implementation
      • Organisational development
      • Employee relations
      • Performance management
      • Recruitment and retention/retrenchment & training
    • UK Employment Laws and regulations
    • UK Health and Safety regulations
    • Regulatory i.e. SMR and BNGC


  • General experience and background experience for successful execution of the role
  • Banking experience, particularly in a UK-based, foreign owned institution
  • Stakeholder management and engagement with all levels of staff




  • Degree educated – honours level or equivalent
  • Or relevant business experience
  • Postgraduate business or management qualification e.g. MBA
  • Member of a relevant professional institute

Key Competencies

Outline the key accountabilities, responsibilities and requirements of the role in relation to each area, as applicable i.e. knowledge, skills set

Market Knowledge

Awareness and understanding of the wider business, economic and market environment in which the Bank operates:

  • Knowledge of the regulatory and legislative developments affecting the UK and African banking markets that the Bank operates in.
  • Knowledge of the competitive environment the Bank Group operates in – countries, customer and competitors – and any legal implications associated.
  • Utilise HR Peer Networks to share knowledge of best practice, experience and know-how to drive business development.

Business Strategy & Business Model

Awareness and understanding of the Bank business strategy:

  • Ensuring the business plan is compliant with the regulatory rules and regulations for UK Employment Law.
  • Ensure that HR operational processes and procedures are embedded in the business model and SMCR.
  • Developing HR Policies which support the business strategy.
  • HR continuity plan tested and maintained.

Risk Management & Control

Identify, assess, monitor, control and mitigate risks to the Bank:

  • Occupational Health and Safety monitoring and remediation where required.
  • Annual HR Policy Risk Review carried out, risks highlighted to senior management with mitigation plans provided.
  • Pre-employment screening and reference checks as part of recruitment process.
  • Succession planning to identify critical staff, determine key staff dependencies and source potential internal replacements.

Financial Analysis & Costs

Interpret the Bank’s financial information, to identify key issues based on this information and to put in place appropriate controls and measures:

  • Analysis of HR Expenditure against budget:
    • Recruitment costs
    • Pay, bonuses and benefits
  • Conduct Market Benchmarking to ensure fair and consistent

remuneration policies in place.

Governance Oversight & Controls

Assess the effectiveness of the Bank’s arrangements to deliver effective governance, oversight and controls in the business and, if necessary, to oversee changes in these areas:

  • Implementation of an HR framework of rules, regulations, and standards relating to people management in the firm.
  • HR Governance to ensure all employee related policies are fair and consistently applied in the firm.

Regulatory Framework & Requirements

Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the Bank operates and the regulatory requirements and expectations:



  • Ensuring the firm is compliant with UK Employment legislation and regulations.
  • Comply with the administrative duties and controls the Senior Managers and Certification Regimes.
  • Comply with FCA and PRA conduct rules.

Per Regulators Conduct Rules

  • Acts with Integrity.
  • Acts with due skill, care and diligence.
  • Must be open, transparent and cooperative with the FCA, PRA and other regulators.
  • Pays due regard to customers interests and treats them fairly.
  • Observes market conduct standards.
  • Ensures reasonable steps taken to ensure that the business of the firm for which the Head of HR is responsible for:
    • Is controlled effectively,
    • Complies with relevant requirements and standards of the regulatory system and,
    • Any delegation of responsibilities is to an appropriate person and that the discharge of the delegated responsibility is overseen effectively.
  • Disclose appropriately any information of which the FCA or PRA would reasonably expect notice.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Retention/Turnover statistics
  • Training provision
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Benchmarking of remuneration packages against the market
  • Zero breaches of UK Employment Law/Health and Safety legislation
  • Internal customer and BNGC satisfaction
  • Regulatory radar capability exists to quickly identify, assess and respond effectively to Regulatory/Employment Legislation developments affecting the firm

Maintenance of Role Profile

The role holder is responsible for the on-going review and maintenance of their own role profile to ensure that it is up to date and reflects the current:

  • role purpose, responsibilities, accountabilities and competencies required
  • organisational structure for reporting lines and lines of delegation of authority Ensure that:
  • any material changes to the above are agreed with the CEO, flagged with the Head of

Compliance and are advised quarterly, in arrears, to the BNGC via EXCO.

  • previous versions are kept for reference, a version is emailed to Head of HR and your line manager, and a signed version is kept on file for regulatory and audit purposes.








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