AVP (sales and marketing) international business

Job Description

POSITION DESCRIPTION                                                     

Position                               :               GM Sales & Marketing

Reporting to                      :               V.P Sales & Marketing  

New/Replacement         :               New 

Location                             :            Chennai

Reportee                             :               4-5 Direct and 20 dotted

Qualifications                   :               B.E/B.tech With MBA

Experience                         :               18+ years of experience into Automotive, handling at least 850 Cr. Of turn over

Interview                            :               3-4 Round, 1. Telephonic, 2. F2F With Hiring Managers   3. F2F with BU Head & HR Head 4. F2F with MD

Working                              :               5.5 day/week


Maintain and Improve market share inline with policy and LRP objectives by

    1. Improving customer relationships

    2. Maintaining & improving contribution

    3. Developing new & potential customers and

    4. Enabling new product plan adherence

Role description

Deliver products and service to meet customer requirements in terms of QCD parameters 
Conduct daily / weekly reviews effectively as per plan and support team members to achieve goals
Adhere to customer visit plan & and communicate feedback internally                                          
Complete activities for improving customer satisfaction on committed date and seek feedback from customers                                                                       
Review of contribution analysis                                                                        
Propose price corrections to Head - S&M based on contribution analysis      
Follow through VA / VE proposal implementation                                    
Identify new customers based on policy guidelines and conduct feasibility study for further development                                                           
Establish contacts with new customers                                                                         
Facilitate system audit clearance for identified new customers                                          
 Respond to RFQ as per committed lead time                                                                             
 Conduct technology day presentation for the identified customers                
Prepare product plan based on the customer requirements                                               
Identify gaps in fulfilling the product plan along with the technical teams                                      

Managing points                                                                                                                                             

1.1 Customer  sales                                                         Rs. Cr     Weekly

1.2 Customer market share                                         %            Weekly

1.3 Customer satisfaction                                             Score     Monthly

2.1 Contribution                                                               % of sales Monthly

3.1 New business                                                             Rs. Cr     Monthly

3.2 RFQ lead time                                                             Days      Monthly

4.1 New product plan adherence                              %            Monthly


Competencies and certification courses / trainings considered necessary to perform this job

1. Product awareness                    CL 2        1. Communication                                           CL 3

2. Commercial acumen                 CL2         2. Rigour in execution                                   CL 3

3. Institutional selling                   CL 3        3. People leadership                                      CL 2

4. Sales planning                              CL 3        4. Emotional intelligence                             CL 2

5. Negotiation                                   CL 2        5. Customer centricity                                   CL 3

6. Export regulations                      CL 3        6. Business acumen                                        CL 2

7. Managing and leading              CL2         7. Long term perspective (planning & strategising CL 2

8. Understanding international customers / cultures                      CL 3


Behavior Skill:

Good analytical skills
Problem Solving
Conflict Resolutions
Leadership Skill
Customer Interaction
Business Acumen
Lead by example approach
Go get things
Who had being a part of growing organization 

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