Head Marketing-FMCG

Job Description

As Head of Marketing, the candidate will:
1. Plan and execute marketing/branding/campaign activities across all its channels, both direct (B2C, B2B, and Online) and Indirect (Retailer) channels in consultation with other teams within the organisation.
2. Present ideas for marketing activities, schemes, promotions, events and campaigns
3. Evaluate the existing branding activities, and evolve a brand proposition that can be presented across all channels
4. Be responsible for revenue generation, working closely with Sales Team
5. Work closely with Franchise partners in various cities to empower them for growing their business
6. Work with the Digital Marketing (external) agency to promote the brand and generate revenue through the online channel
7. Meet with Directors to seek their inputs and ideas and incorporate them into the marketing plan
8. Work closely with content generation team to shape the final outcome that can then attain marketing goals.
9. Carry out market research wherever necessary to present ideas and reports on competition, products, industry trends, etc.
10. Liaise with external vendors to execute on marketing collaterals for offline use
11. Plan and execute events promoting th brand and the organic food category
12. Design and execute promotion strategy for business growth, new customer acquisition ( both B2B and B2C)
13. Develop pricing strategy with input from sales and help building competitive pricing in the market
14. Build strategy to enter new market including identification of new markets

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