A creative design - A vehicle lamps styling design expert - An appearance senior designer

Job Description

Antal international, recruitment company is looking for a big Automotive Chinese Group, three DESIGNERS open roles for Munich - Germany :


Roles : A creative design - A vehicle lamps styling design expert - An appearance senior designer

Work LocationMunich

Salary Range : Negotiable, depending to the profile


Full Job description, all qualifications and requirements on request.


Creative design responsibilities:


    1.    Conduct creative design work according to project requirements

    2.    Propose creative direction combine with project requirements, and organize designers to conduct creative design work

    3.    Combine with designers sketch design, give improve opinions from expression method and innovativeness point of view

    4.    Participate in project early stage’s SE work of product planning and other relevant departments, and give styling proposals

    5.    Participate in the styling change SE meetings that caused by major engineering problems, and report to director in time for this items who will influence project period


Vehicle lamps styling design expert responsibilities


    1.    Responsible for building the secondary styling team, and improving the styling skills

    2.    Responsible for the secondary styling and structure beautification of current researching products

    3.    Demonstrate the influence factors and representation forms for the taste of Lamps, clearly improve the taste of lamps and implement it

    4.    Carry out styling benchmarking, specific to different areas and different car models, come into being the accumulation

    5.    Handover and methods of secondary styling and product R&D working process, tools specification, validation and approval of first styling RP piece, namely freeze styling


Appearance senior designer responsibilities:


1. Participate in appearance design of mass production car and concept car, conduct styling creative design prospectively design according to project positioning, with accurate judgement ability to project development direction

2. Lead a small scale team, follow up the selected design plan till mass production

3. Participate in design early stage development study and discussion, complete the process diagram and effect picture of design plan, follow up the design plan from early stage idea till mass production, manage and control CAS & clay model and A section styling during styling development process, solve relevant problems, until the product achieve mass production

4. Communicate with designers and engineers, communicate color&trims definition with color&trims designers


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