Business Unit Head(Automtoive)-Delhi

Job Description

Drive a culture of safety within the company’s operations to improve working conditions,
where required, to reduce injuries, minimize downtime, reduce workers’ compensation
costs, and improve worker morale;
• Work with the leaders of global sourcing, inventory management, and logistics and
warehousing practices to create forward thinking improvements;
• Foster best practices between sales, engineering, and manufacturing to provide better
visibility to sales forecasts to improve production planning, purchasing and supply chain
practices, and order to delivery timelines;
• Empower all functional members of the organization to implement quality practices and
procedures into all aspects of operations. Drive an operational focus on first time quality;
• Ensure operations-wide compliance with all Corporate, local, state and federal
regulations in all areas of legal, employment, environmental, health and safety;
• Maintain a positive employee relationship with the workforce;
• Grow and place the right talent for today and tomorrow; ensure everyone gets the
development they need; and develop a strong bench strength of leaders to meet the
future needs of the company including succession candidates; and,
• Emphasize sound business and operations processes and build strong, effective and
collaborative teams between the local and global operations and functional teams.
Minimum of 20 years of experience in roles of increasing responsibility and scope in a
manufacturing environment, including experience in two functional roles with one in
operations, most appropriately with a Tier I automotive supplier. The most important aspects
• Operations experience demonstrating both leadership and management resulting in
strong operational performance and a highly engaged workforce and positive culture;
• Significant business expansion or new product program introduction and launch
experience in a plant environment;
• Financial acumen and experience with managing a P&L is essential; experience with
financial forecasting methods and with income statement, balance sheet and cash flow;
• An understanding of modern quality, speed, delivery, service, efficiency and
effectiveness demands coming from sophisticated customers who have a deep focus on
An undergraduate degree in business or engineering is required. An MBA or advanced
engineering degree is preferred.
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