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As an international service group, we want to create a working environment in which all of our employees feel safe and comfortable - an environment in which they are happy to give their best with commitment.

The key to this lies in an open, respectful cooperation across all countries, cultures and lifestyles. After all, we have over 20,000 employees at 500 locations around the world who provide more than 2,500 services.

The results of their work can be discovered everywhere: in tested elevators or rides, on certified toys or technical devices, in our consultations or training courses.

No matter where - our international teams have been setting standards in terms of safety, quality and efficiency for many years.

We value diversity - and take responsibility

The products area includes the testing of all everyday items - be it entertainment electronics, glass, furniture, textiles, toys, leisure items, household appliances or food.

In addition, there are, for example, tests in the environment and pollutant analysis, controls of the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products, machines and medical products as well as testing of solar modules, batteries and fuel cells.

In our laboratories we carry out tests of the quality, usability, ergonomics and safety of products as well as the certification of products.

This is a prerequisite for manufacturers, importers or trading companies to be able to sell their products in certain markets.

Independent product tests by renowned service providers are in demand worldwide. The reason: The globalization of goods and product flows continues and product cycles are getting shorter.

Here, too, economic development in the former emerging economies plays an important role: there, consumers have growing and new demands.

In all of this, product tests by neutral third parties play a major role in ensuring consistently high quality, safety and sustainability.

That we are need you as Manager Leader LAB EMC / Wireless.

Your team of 10 members look forward to your support and expertise.

Please contact us soon!

Candidate Profil/Job Description

Manager Leader LAB EMC / Wireless

Your tasks are:

As head of the EMV / Wireless laboratory, you will be responsible for the technical and disciplinary management of the EMC and wireless laboratory at the Nuremberg location. You are responsible for the technically flawless and economical provision of testing services and continuously bring in new approaches to solutions and suggestions for improvement for testing and product optimization.

You always keep an eye on the laboratory accreditation (DIN EN ISO 17025: 2017) and compliance with the quality management regulations.

In your role as a manager, you will lead a team of more than 10 people and your emphatic and open manner will ensure a cooperative culture in which you will continuously develop your team.

As an engineer, you will support sales in the preparation of offers and test plans.

They are representative and well-founded representatives of the company in committees and at events.

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Essential Requirements for candidates

German Language Level C1 

Successfully completed technical studies, preferably in the field of electrical engineering

(communications engineering, energy engineering,

 automation technology).

Several years of professional experience in EMC testing and measurement technology and willingness to familiarize yourself with the topic of wireless tests.

Several years of experience in staff management (leadership, promotion and motivation of a team).

More reliable knowledge of foreign test requirements

(USA, Canada, South Korea, South Africa).

Well-founded knowledge of quality assurance

(DIN EN ISO 17025: 2017) and its implementation in the laboratory.

Confident handling of common software applications

(e.g. BAT EMC, EMC32, SAP, MS Office).

Analytical mindset, independent way of working as well as communication skills and teamwork.

Open-minded manner and confident demeanor towards internal and external customers.

Business fluent knowledge of German as well as excellent written and spoken English.

Willingness to go on international business trips.

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