Job Description

Job purpose :

The main objective of the role is to ensure long term profitability of the business while maintaining the reputation of the project as the best in KPK and one of the best in all of Pakistan.

This role will be overseeing the overall management, branding and profitability of a banquet hall. At the moment there is one banquet with total hall area of 20,000 sq ft while the total project (including all other areas such as bridal rooms, kitchen, bathrooms etc.) is more than 40,000 sq ft. The whole operations team is in place with 25 full time staff members and many part time workers on event days.

Duties and responsibilities:-


  1. Ensuring top talent is hired and retained
  2. Ensuring implementation of top quality evaluation system (Board will help with setting up the evaluation benchmarks for each and every employee, and places great value/emphasis on this exercise) – Top performers, in line with the predetermined benchmarks will be rewarded handsomely and the poorest will be penalized or let go.
  3. In charge of design and implementation of internal control environment of the project
  4. Tirelessly work towards increasing profitability and goodwill of the brand by such mechanisms: a) look to generate new and complimentary streams of revenue e.g. organize festivals in the spacious lawns of the project, corporate events etc.,

b) devise methods of controlling costs by more efficient resource allocation,

c) hold events or do interviews to provide the project with good press,

d) Fair and profitable negotiations with business partners (e.g. food suppliers, flower and décor vendors, DJ, Photographer, Salon etc.)

e) Form strategic partnerships with potentially lucrative organizations such as universities, examinations centres, government, Chamber of Commerce etc. that provide us business/event opportunities on an ongoing basis

5)     Actively train and/or provide training opportunities for Sales and operations so that the staff continuously improves their service quality and capability


6)     Assess the effectiveness of our Sales/Marketing and Pricing strategy on an ongoing basis and propose and implement improvements


7)Ideal candidate MUST have the good sense to constantly think of, and materialize, initiatives that are in line with the core values of the organization as enshrined in our Company “Credo”and must be driven by those values. This will improve the project, and company, profitability and will result in higher returns for the GM such as performance bonuses and salary increments.



Bachelors Degree from a reputable university

Salary Range:70k – 140k. A housing allowance/provision may also be discussed.


The ideal candidate will have:

8 to 10 years of relevant experience

Banquets incharge of 5-star hotel; or GM/AGM of 4 star hotel; or,

GM of a high quality banquet hall project in KPK, Islamabad or Punjab

Gender: No Preference

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