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Operational Excellence





Cost Reduction




Team Development



  1. Participate in annual business planning at BU level and develop short- & long-term plans for the plant ensuring necessary resources to deliver on business objectives with a specific focus on planning for key cost metrics (e.g. manpower cost, materials cost, etc.); drive annual budgeting process at the plant level
  2. Develop policies & procedures to ensure that the Plant, equipment & the resources are effectively utilized


  1. Identify & prioritize tasks & activities involved in day to day operations of plant ensuring on-time delivery of products while meeting all prescribed quality parameters; seek support from BU & corporate if required
  2. Ensure optimum manufacturing processes, raw material usage and effective coordination between various departments in the Plant to ensure synergies that will positively impact the Plant operations
  3. Guide plant ME team to analyse and provide inputs on manufacturing feasibility in case of new products
  4. Monitor adherence to safety, environment & health standards of EMS/ OHSAS on a regular basis
  5. Oversee adherence to preventive & predictive maintenance schedule as provided by BU maintenance team
  6. Execute inventory management at Plant effectively with Stores & Materials heads and aim towards maximizing inventory turns; ensure support to BU financial controller for inventory costing and management
  7. Provide inputs on ER & IR matters during the IR strategy formulation and oversee IR activities at plant
  8. Ensure adherence to all statutory & legal requirements w.r.t. employees, working conditions & welfare
  9. Approve proposals for capex requirements at plant through thorough examination of the need







  1. Lead the implementation of new systems & process improvement measures like KANBAN, Kaizens, Poka-yoke, 5S etc. at the Plant; oversee TPM implementation and review the PQCDSM parameters regularly
  2. Create CFTs in the Plant to address specific issues or to undertake improvement projects in the Plant to ensure cross- functional participation in process/product improvement
  3. Ensure adherence to safety norms by all personnel in the department so as to achieve zero accident goal


  1. Drive profitability and ensure bottom-line through driving corporate initiatives at plant and identifying new cost optimization initiatives (e.g. reduction in scrap cost, in-process wastage maintenance & energy cost)
  2. Guide Plant materials team to ensure most cost effective purchase of raw materials/ non BOM items



  1. Develop a capable and motivated workforce, which would deliver the plant agenda. Ensure proper staffing in all areas & create right atmosphere for the team by mentoring, coaching & empowering them
  2. Facilitate discussions with the Union and workmen as and when required; set up committees/ teams to address any employee grievance
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