GM/VP Supply Chain

Job Description

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Develop Supply Chain Plan, Production plan, Material requisition plan in accordance with Customer Orders (Demand) as well as Forecast
  • Production Planning Control 
  • Monitor production status and ensure timely delivery, Identify delays and accordingly adjust schedules to meet deadlines.
  • Assist in production risk assessment and mitigation activities, Notify customers/customer centers on any delays and outages.
  • Provide excellent customer (centre) service and ensure customer satisfaction, Evaluate current production processes and recommend improvements.
  • Assist in new product development and enhancements. Support in Costing (Product Cost/yield Variance)
  • Conduct daily meetings to keep track of production, supply chain schedules.
  • Develop a production schedule (for all primary, secondary operations) detailing all tasks and when they should be completed by, to meet the predicted completion date
  • Collect and assess data about the production, supply chain, and team's performance. Data analysis and decision making to support raw material supply, subcontract work and finished goods demand.
  • Follow-up as required with all teams to expedite the flow of materials and documents to meet production schedule and customer expectation.
  • Complete status reports for production progress, work in process, and raw material inventory.
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