Head of Seeds Sales Russia

Job Description


General requirements

  • Development and coordination of the sales process of the crop seed portfolio in Russia
  • Develop and coordinate the sales process
  • Manage the activities of the Product - cultural manager
  • Implement crop licence contracts and coordinate seed production with third parties.
  • Analyse markets and explore new business opportunities.

Tasks in different areas of activity


  • Analyse the market potential (area and margin) where the product portfolio allows.
  • Pricing system analysis for the entire seed business chain (wholesaler - retail - farmer).
  • Prepare reviews of seed market players :
  1. By competitors
  2. By wholesalers - retail
  3. o End customers
  • Monitor and implement corporate cross-selling opportunities.

Customers .

External customers :

  • ➢ Collect detailed information about each (including potential) key customer in the section :
  1. Business territories
  2. Sales teams
  3. Financial situation
  4. Market potentials by culture
  5. sales plan by culture, annual budget, 2-year planning
  6. Prepare individual business strategies for each key customer
  • Coordinate the collection of market information from the sales department and product managers (in cooperation with the marketing department).
  • Set a rating scale for customers
  • Internal customers :
  • Close interaction with Product - manager

Sales .

Cooperation with the Headquarters Apartment :

  • Prepare a 3-year sales plan for cultures and receive confirmation from the International Culture Manager (CM).
  • Sales figures regularly updated through the planning mechanism must comply with the instructions of the International Culture Manager (CM).
  • Participate in meetings at Headquarters - flat upon request of the International Culture Manager (CM) or direct supervisor

Interaction with the International Team :

  • Manage the Commercial Product Portfolio and manage product longevity in cooperation with the Product Manager.
  • Develop and implement a sales strategy adapted to market conditions
  • Develop and implement a pricing, discount and payment terms system and a licensing system for cultures.
  • Personal responsibility for preparing and following the company's Annual Sales Budget by Culture.
  • Provide all necessary instructions/information for the logistics department to ensure guaranteed seed supply to customers
  • Develop and set sales objectives for regional sales representatives by culture
  • Manage customer claims, including accurate documentation.
  • Preparation of license agreements
  • Coordinate medium-term planning and licensed seed production with third parties using internal management levers.

Staff .

  • Personal reporting: functionally to the direct manager at the Headquarters, administratively to the General Director in Russia.
  • Manage the activities of the Product Manager (functionally and administratively).
  • Provide the necessary rules and instructions to the sales team for the sales representatives to carry out their work successfully.
  • Finance .
  • Stay within the approved cost budget, which has been directly managed.
  • Support management in preparing the cost budget in planning the overall budget.
  • Collect arrears in cooperation with the finance department

Reporting .

  • Provide reports on meetings with customers
  • Provide a monthly report in accordance with the instructions received.
  • Establish a seasonal report for all cultures in accordance with the instructions of the International Culture Manager (CM).
  • Prepare special reports upon request of the International Culture Manager (CM) or the immediate supervisor
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