Warehouse manager (harmful and dangerous TMTs)

Job Description


  • Management of the work of the warehouse on reception, storage and release of inventory, on their placement taking into account the most rational use of warehouse space;
  • Manage the work of the warehouse to ensure documentary support of loading and unloading operations;
  • Organization of timely shipment to clients, coordination of shipment issues with clients;
  • Organization of work of the division with observance of labor discipline and safety rules;
  • Maintenance of safety of stored commodity and material values, observance of modes of storage, rules of registration and delivery of arrival and account documents, and also their archiving;
  • Organization and carrying out of loading and unloading works at the warehouse with observance of norms, rules and instructions on labor protection;
  • Development of new Occupational Health and Safety Instructions, taking into account the specifics of production;
  • Participation in certification and rationalization of workplaces;
  • Coordination of warehouse personnel (2 employees), carrying out all kinds of instructions;
  • Tracking the availability and serviceability of firefighting equipment, the condition of premises, equipment and inventory in the warehouse and ensuring their timely repair.


  • Experience in warehouses with harmful and dangerous TMTs from 3 years (food, chemical, cosmetic) - OBLIGATORY
  • Knowledge of legislation regarding storage, shipment of hazardous TMs;
  • Knowledge of the shipper's responsibility with regard to transport logistics;
  • Knowledge of occupational health and safety;
  • SAP knowledge - preferably, knowledge of necessary programs for accounting of goods and services centers, acceptance, shipment, document management.


  • Official registration;
  • Fixed monthly salary, annual bonus;
  • Extended VHI package;
  • Schedule: 5/2, from 8.00 to 17.00;
  • Meals.
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