Process engineer (ceramist)

Job Description


Main duties:

  • Development and maintenance of technological documentation for production products.
  • Control and maintenance of technological processes for production of ceramic building materials at sites:
  • Mass preparation (recipes, dosing, operating parameters of the units); Forming (forming parameters, condition and adjustment of the mouthpieces, setting schemes for drying cars); Drying; Gardens (dry "raw" quality, setting schemes for kiln cars); Firing; Unloading (quality of the finished product meets the requirements, setting schemes for palletizing, packing, displaying in the warehouse)
  • Optimisation of technological processes to reduce production costs by reducing: Marriage; Energy costs;
  • Launching new products, optimizing them and existing products for: Line technological capabilities; Market requirements
  • Subordination - to the Chief Technologist.



  • Experience in production technology (ceramics or building materials)
  • Experience on chamber dryers, preferably
  • Experience in manufacturing large-format ceramic blocks, preferably
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