Salary and Personnel Accountant

Job Description


  • Occupational Health and Safety (40 people)
  • Preparation, issuance of certificates to employees
  • Settlements with corporate NPF
  • Maintaining personnel records (hiring, firing, staff movements, etc.).
  • Preparation and submission of salary reports
  • Maintaining a VHI contract (drawing up/stressing policies, cooperating with an insurance company)
  • Accounting for corporate leasing cars (orders to assign/assign a car to an employee, etc.).
  • Registration, issuance, accounting of corporate SIM cards to employees
  • Conducting fixed assets and executing relevant documents (2-3 operating systems per month)
  • Carrying out the Customs Cargo Declaration on import/export and execution of the package of documents (service notes, CMR, write-off certificates, etc.) - 3-4 Customs Cargo Declaration per month.
  • Request and verification of reconciliation acts with several counterparties during preparation of quarterly reports
  • Participation in the corporate closing of the month, assistance in preparing corporate reports


  • Higher education
  • Experience of work in RCD, 1C 8.2. or 8.3.
  • English language - intermediate


  • Formal employment with the company
  • Competitive white wage
  • VHI
  • Mobile communication
  • Power Compensation
  • Corporate pension program
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