Head of Risk Management (Insurance) line of business

Job Description


  • Developing risk management policy for the insurance company:
  • Identification of risks (including market, counterparty, operational risks)
  • Risk Assessment (Quantification)
  • Appointment of Risk Controls
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Implementation of valuation and its use in management decision-making RWA and RAROC in the management of company assets and liabilities
  • ALM solutions control and current position of the insurance company
  • Company risk map management
  • Risk identification, forecasting and follow-up of new products and business processes launch
  • Creation of a system of stress testing and scenario analysis of an insurance company economic model
  • Calculation and management of insurance company VaR (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Calculation and management of the insurance company tearout horizon


  • Experience in insurance company
  • Experience in model building
  • Experience in product risk assessment
  • Communicability
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Anastasia Soldatkina
+7 495 935-86-06