Driving Center principal

Job Description


  • Should hold a bachelor degree in a relevant field such as education, road safety engineering, traffic safety management, or equivalent with a 15 years’ experience as a driving instructors, examiners, or equivalent.
  • Have a valid driving license from an approved country by Saudi Arabian Traffic police Authority continuously for the last 15 years
  • Need to be a certified driving instructor by a recognized Accreditation body such as AA driving school, DIAmond or other equivalent.

Job Description:

The main duties of the Driving Center Principle are as follows:

  •  Manage the delivery of the driving school services in  Driving Center by ensuring proper license process and training for light motor vehicle.
  • Manage the  Driving Center fleet and operate the preventative maintenance program to ensure all vehicles are roadworthy and are in compliance with Road Safety Regulations.
  • Liaise directly with the Director of Industrial Training Department and other management regarding Resource Management.
  • Plan the allocation and efficient use of the human resources (Instructors) and vehicles to ensure seamless delivery of  Driving Center services.
  • Support the management and delivery of other driving related training courses and programs like simulator test and online theoretical test.
  • Develop attractive service offerings for  Driving Center customers/participants.
  • Work closely with Public Relation Department to develop and market  Driving Center Services.
  • Manage the compliance of Driving Services with  Driving Center Group Quality assurance, Health and Safety and Environmental management systems.
  • Support and comply with the quality control and service delivery procedures for driving services being delivered by  Driving Center instructress, examiners and assessors.
  • Work along project timelines and towards targets set by management.
  • Collaborate with Lecturers, instructresses, Examiners and Assessors to set performance goals and objectives.
  • Develop required programs to ensure the successful operation of the driving school.
  • Provide subject matter expertise and coordinate development or revisions of training manuals.
  • Maintains training records for all  Driving Center participants and assigns training tasks to experienced staff.
  • Communicates and promotes high expectations for staff and employee performance in a supportive way and provides proper recognition of excellence and achievement
  • Defines job performance expectations of staff, evaluates job performance, conducts conferences and/or improvement plans to ensure the best operation of the Center.
  • Resolve workplace problems or collaborate with employees to assist in problem resolution.
  • Participates in relevant professional growth experiences which expand knowledge of operating the Center.
  • Prepare, compile, and submit reports on work activities, operations, and work-related accidents.
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Nasreen Ahmad
Saudi Arabia