Hardware Integration Coordinator

Job Description

•       Experience Level – Coordinator (10+ Years)

•       Experience in electrical/electronics engineering of Automation and Control Systems products

•       Hands-on experience in value analysis/value engineering with focus on component engineering.

•       System level expertise covering Electrical /Electronics Hardware, Manufacturing and Mechanical aspects is a plus.

•       Coordinate within team for product understanding and CE delivery/execution.

•       Coordinate with client CE leader in CE savings ideas generation.

•       Perform the feasibility review of new CE ideas assigned from CE leader – datasheets and drawing review, investigate if the FFF (Fit, Form, Function) of the product is not affected. Also check if new suggested part meets required industry standards and client requirements. Document all results. 

•       Sourcing Review - cooperate with Sourcing team, providing all CE project details in order to get project approval

•       Total cost model preparation and approval – support the CE Manager by collecting project data such as cost of engineering services, capital investment, other services, projects length and define the Return of Investment.

•       Project Scoring – Score the CE projects based on savings amount, engineering effort etc. to allow client CE leader prioritize them

•       Project Implementation – In cooperation with CE leader and Sourcing (ISC), manage the new part implementation in the factory