Job Description

职位名称: 法律顾问

Position: Legal Counsel

直接上级: 法律部经理

Line manager: Legal Manager

工作地点: 上海浦东新区

Location: Pu Dong District, Shanghai




1. 负责起草、审核公司所有经济合同及涉外合同并提出法律指导意见;

Responsible for draft and review all economics and foreign contracts and provide professional legal advice.

2. 负责对公司重大经营决策及经营项目提供法律咨询和解决方案;

Provide legal advice and solution for company major business decision-making and business projects.  

3. 参加各类商务谈判,合同及其他法律文件的草拟和审查;合同签订后的跟踪检查;规范涉外法律文件的管理流程;

Participate in drafting and reviewing all business negotiations, contracts and other legal documents, follow up and inspect contract signing, regulate management process of foreign legal documents.

4. 参与集团指定的其他投资、合资或其他项目的法律支持工作,包括但不限于:组织立项前的法律风险评估工作;参与项目谈判等。

Provide legal support for Group investments, joint ventures or other projects , including but not limited to: legal risk assessment before projects establishment and participate in project negotiations activities.

5. 公司纠纷的管理工作,包括:在纠纷的非诉阶段与对方展开谈判;在纠纷进入法律程序后监督和协调纠纷的处理;

Handle and manage all disputes, including: negotiate in non-litigation period, handle and coordinate dispute into the legal process

6. 开展法律培训,做好与业务相关的国际案例研究和宣传等;

Provide legal training, study and public relevant international cases

7. 部门安排的其他工作

Other tasks assigned by manager.



Qualifications and Requirements:

1. 法律专业本科以上学历,通过国家司法考试;

Bachelor degree or above of law, pass national judicial examination

2. 5年以上律所或能源类公司法务经验;具有有工程、特别是海外工程和国际法务经验;

Above 5 years working experience in law firm or energy companies, experienced in engineering industry especially oversea engineering projects and international law.

3. 具备英语口头及书面沟通的能力;

Good command of English reading, writing, speaking and listening.

4. 具有较强的沟通协调能力、谈判能力、应变能力和控制能力

Strong communication and coordination ability, good negotiation ability and problem solving and control ability.


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