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Stop wasting time and money on failed  Recruitment

Are you frustrated about the amount of time, effort and money spent on hiring key talent in your business?

Simply enter your contact details in the box on the right to reveal the 6 most common reasons why so much critical recruitment fails – and how to deal with them.

This free report from global recruitment specialists, Antal International, analyses why recruitment processes take so long to reach a conclusion and why so many result in either the wrong hire or no hire at all.

Learn how to focus your efforts on the right people in the right places – the candidates who are right for your organisation and your role – not just the ones easily available in the marketplace.


Your critical hiring is something that should never be left to chance; You need to find and engage a person to ‘look after that key client’, ‘bring in that much needed business’, ‘take control of that vital project or programme that has been getting away from you’, ‘bring in those crucial but rare skills needed to move that key development project forward’ whatever it might be, this person will be key to moving your business forward, creating new revenue streams, identify areas of overspend and bringing costs under control etc..

So you Draw up your job spec, speak to HR to get them involved, they kick of your usual hiring process, then, all too often what you thought would be a straight forward process to identify and engage a person turns into a long drawn out, time consuming process that 3 and 4 months down the line is still showing no signs of reaching a conclusion.


1. Lack of process definition:

The process has no control. 

Key decision makers in the process were not available to attend interviews.

No defined time line for the project so the process drifts with no clear end date.

The impact on your business:

The process loses momentum.

Quality candidates identified are given no sense of the urgency.

The company’s credibility is questioned by the candidates as a result of the delays; they lose interest and accept offers from another company.


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