Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan

Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan

We are experts in the global search and selection industry - we work with professional and managerial talent worldwide. Every day, we help businesses all around the world to find the talent that they need in order to drive their growth, profits and long-term success.

Utilising an extensive international network to carry out cross border work allows us to bring a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector. We do this with 1000 experts from more than 120 offices, spanning over 30 countries globally.

Over the past 25 years, we have worked with over 60,000 clients making over 100,000 placements. We have continuously improved and refined our internal processes, training and methodologies in order to reflect the business needs of our clients, and market changes in general. We firmly believe that our deep market expertise can benefit organisations that seek a knowledgeable and professional business partner, with scale and global reach.

We share information, knowledge and experience for the benefit of our colleagues, clients and candidates – and we do this better than anyone in the world.

Antal Pakistan will be focusing on key markets, growing industries and growing sectors, working with SME to blue chip organizations, however we do not settle for basics, we are looking to acquire collaboration with leadings offices in China, the trade of between our two countries have added billions of dollars to the economy. Our company is taking baby steps by stepping into a vast sea as a new upcoming company and is starting to gain recognition as a well reputable brand and our awareness is to bring in new infrastructure to the market of Pakistan.

The Antal methodology of placing the right APC allows us to see past the narrow instincts of our competitors. Due to our large presence globally it gives us cutting edge advantages as we are well updated with the movements of global hiring. The transformation of the country is shaping rapidly and we are working with key individuals in ensuring we do not cut and corners and enhance all opportunities.

Our team have settled well and have gained vast knowledge by working with Antal in Pakistan and they are daily implementing new innovating techniques to take precedence in enhancing the brand in the market, pitching sales techniques, sourcing and building APC from the key distinct niche markets.

Our newly formed office is taking form and shape and we are excited for the coming year as it is already presenting us with many tokens of appreciation.

  • Textiles
  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Sheryaar Ahmed, managing Partner of Antal Lahore, is UK based however varying from influential cities such as Karachi & Lahore, which he deeply take pride in. He took a bold step by obtaining a business in Pakistan, being a young enthusiastic entrepreneur, he is not allowing any obstacle to be too difficult to be conquered, having an obsolete style of working in Pakistan he is here to bring in fresh techniques of processes.

Being given the opportunity to gain accessibility on such regular visits has given Sheryaar that international scope process. Through the early stages of visiting it was purely to do with his families and his heritage but as Sheryaar was gaining through the ages he then diversified his business interests to Pakistan. Due to lack of settlement, Pakistan is still an LEDC country however subsequently in recent years the economy has shown to be rapidly growing with further sustainability.

The reason Sheryaar embarked upon the topic of his home country is simply due to the fact that businesses are now connecting with organizations across the world and the sheer demand of talent and jobs arising from this have become phenomenal.

Sheryaar takes pride in leading a great team of individuals, young enthusiastic dedicated members and he is proud that he has been voted as the Youngest HR owner in Pakistan. He is working with great strategy and taking it step by step for the years to come. Sheryaar is proud to be part of a growing network and brand, introducing such high level performance facilities in assisting businesses find the right candidate to help there business sustain growth and to save the business time & money.

Sheryaar Ahmed
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Office Address
90- B Hali Road, Gulberg, Lahore Pakistan