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La Défense

About Us


We specialize in the recruitment of Medium/Senior level professionals up to Executive managers in the Aerospace, Defence and Security (AD&S) business.

Our partners and consultants are all former executive and senior professionals. They have a rich experience and knowledge in international, techno-driven and highly challenging environments and they understand the constraints and difficulties in recruiting talents in this sector. This mix of skills brings to our customer a unique combination of sector expertise and recruitment market knowledge.

We cover a broad range of specialisms as : Research & Development, Manufacturing, Program management, Marketing and Sales, Business Development, Transfer of Technologies, General Management, Transformation, international deployment.

For the past 26 years, the work of Antal International has been strongly recognized by the industry, earning over 20 recruitment and business awards.

We are looking forward to supporting your company in HR planning.

Mobility Is The Essence…

In the Aerospace and Defense business, Blue Chips, Tier 1, Tier 2, SMEs, Start-ups are all essential players along the value chain, depending from each other’s, feeding each other’s, intertwined to deliver the most amazing products and services. 
They created a global ecosystem enriched by permanent moves of professionals who are pollinizing technologies and knowledge among all players. Both professionals and companies needs the challenge of mobility to grow and stay competitive.
Among our selected worldwide talent pool and our Customers, there is no bad candidates or bad positions, only bad fits. 
We help Professionals to prepare and anticipate their next step,
We help our Customers to detect and capture the right talent for the right position.

The Company Size Dilemma

Blue Chip?
“I enjoyed 15 years in a big OEM. I learned a lot but growing as a manager in such a structure may drive me away from what I like most : technology development. I am looking for a smaller structure to grow as a manager in a more flexible environment…” *
- Walter S.

Tier One?
“Hi, I am currently an executive at NewCO Inc. I am happy with my position and was just offer a fantastic promotion. However, I feel like schizophrenic, being torned up between two different environments, OEMs on one side and Start-Ups on the other side. I would like to move in the value chain, either closer to the final product with an OEM to grow in processes management, or with a pure tech-player to get additional expertise in my domain. Start-up could be an option...” *
- Benoît G.

Hello, I am a TelCom engineer with 8 years of experience. I run the development of cutting-edge technologies for the aerospace business in a SME and 2 start-up. It has been quite a journey ! After performing a 360° within my company, I have been identified as a high potential. However, I need to develop transversal skills and get some international  experience. I want to move to a management position in a bigger structure with multidisciplinary projects offering international openings…” *
- Nagesh D.

- There is no “best-size-company” for your next move. The good size is the one which will provide the opportunity to capitalize on your skills and develop others at this very moment of your professional journey, with culture and values you will feel comfortable with.

(*) Real testimonials. Name of companies were modified

Meet the Team
  • Patricia Gallard
    Managing Partner
  • Patricia Gallard
    Managing Partner

    Patricia Gallard holds a Master of Education in Administration and Economics from the French Ministry of Education. She quickly moved to managerial positions in engineering schools, working closely with industries to support recruitment and internships. she conducted several educational projects with schools and ONGs in Washington DC and São Paulo.
    Patricia founded, staffed and successfully managed private entities such as a French school in São Paulo State to support Airbus Helicopters and the association “Le Club Français” in Brasilia to promote sporting, cultural and social initiatives.
    Back to France, she joined the association “GE4”, a worldwide network of the top ranked engineering universities, managing the exchange program of students, from BSc to PhD.
    Patricia has a proven experience of searching and recruitment, liaising with industries, institutional and international relations, team management. She focus on recruitments for HR, legal and administrative positions and manage our operations.

  • Bruno Gallard
    Managing Partner
  • Bruno Gallard
    Managing Partner

    Bruno is a naval and systems engineer and former industry executive with 35 years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense industry in Europe, the US and Brazil. He performed duties such as program manager, BUs director, diplomat, vice-president and CEO. He drove the development, marketing and sales of large systems with cutting-edge technologies, always in close partnership with high-tech SMEs.
    Bruno focus on senior and executive recruitments for R&D, Program Management, transformation, sales and business development, strategy, transfer of technologies and executive management.
    Bruno has always valued the human factor throughout his jobs with a special interest in multicultural environment. Quite naturally, upon termination of his assignment at Airbus, he joined the recruitment business under the banner of Antal International, endorsing its values.

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