London North, UK

London North, UK

Our team at Antal International focuses on energy – across the spectrum from energy trading to renewables.

For our clients, we find great people. We have people already on our books who may well be appropriate for you: Traders, Head Traders, Trading Managers, COO's, Business Developers and related Risk Managers, Operators, Charterers, Marketers. We also have an extensive database of Energy Brokers in the UK and throughout the USA.

These are people who are currently working successfully and not actively looking to move, but we know them well and they have asked us to keep an eye open for the right opportunity. If we don't already have the exact person we have the very best chance of finding them. This is because we have an international team of energy and renewables specialists who work together to provide our clients with a unique international access to candidates. We are not confined to a single search method. We headhunt, we advertise, we use job boards, and we have a unique international network of contacts and candidates.

We do whatever it takes.

Looking for Broking or Trading Teams?
Our clients use us to source and acquire multi-million dollar business units or trading desks. This is a highly specialised area and we have the contacts and skills to deliver.

Our clients include Energy Majors, National State Oil Companies, Banks, Energy Trading Houses, OTC Broking Companies... and many more.

For our candidates... we find great opportunities... With our international office network we can help take your career to the next stage. We have the expertise and the contacts to help make it happen.

We're friendly, discreet, professional and honest - and we keep our candidates and clients informed all the way along the line.

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