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About Us

Hamburg City Office:
Our recruiting teams fill all types of vacancies - especially in sales, marketing and IT across all industries. Digitization is changing the way we work and all business processes. We find the right people who can meet this challenge and play a leading role, regardless of whether they sell the required systems and solutions or use them profitably.

Managing Partner: Diplom-Kaufmann Klaus Lohsen 
- More than 15 years of professional experience in leading positions in sales &IT.
- More than 10 years of professional experience in headhunting, building and managing specialized recruitment teams.

Our methodology:
An individual approach to the top performers in your industry (hidden employee market = 85%) and active qualified specialists and managers (active employee market = 15%) => the 4-way method.

Project duration:
Presentation of the first candidates, depending on the degree of difficulty of the task, approx. 2-3 weeks after placing the order.

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