"In December 2017, when everybody makes the balance of the current year and prepares new year resolutions, I received a call from Antal asking if I'm interested to join one of their recruitment projects and if I want more information. I said yes, politely, without having any idea about the way it will impact my career path further.

Irina Vasile was the consultant guiding my journey and one year later I'm still amazed about the way she managed to convince me to have patience and to stay in the process. For about a year, which became the typical length for such executive positions, Irina Vasile and Antal team were there answering my questions and doubts. With internal competition and always changing priorities from the employer side, Irina taught me resilience lessons, above all and that's what I appreciate most. All others traits, very important as well, like professionalism, confidentiality and communication are implicit when you talk to Antal."

Monica Stroilescu