Motodynamics Ltd. belongs to Motodynamics Group of Companies which imports and distributes motor related products in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Moldova. In Bulgaria, it is the official importer and distributor of Yamaha Motor Products.


I have known Antal’s work for years through my last position as HR Manager in Sonae Sierra Group of Companies but it was only March 2014 that I started the cooperation with their office in Bulgaria.


We would like to recruit an active motorcyclist with a mix of Marketing & Sales expertise but we could not offer a competitive salary.


Ms. Chivikova and her team undertook this very hard project as a challenge and the result was really impressive. They made a thorough search and finally found the perfect candidate for us although the difficulties of unexpected delays from our side. I really appreciated their professional attitude, close rapport and advisory role.


I highly recommend Antal for any recruitment project.


On behalf of Motodynamics Ltd.


Rena Doukaki

Senior HR Officer

Motodynamics Ltd