This is small note to thank Antal International Network India and Ferzyn Nemade, for your continued support and partnership with Western Union in sourcing and acquiring key Talent in India and Malaysia.

We have been associated with Antal and Ferzyn for over two and half years, and during this time Ferzyn has worked closely with Western Union on many key positions. Ferzyn’s understanding of the business and ability to relate this knowledge with the profile requirement has made Antal a preferred partner for Western Union. This has translated into more specific and accurate search, resulting in qualitative footfalls and minimal time being spend on interviewing candidates. It is also imperative that I make a specific mention of the quick turnaround time that Ferzyn’s has consistently maintained through all the assignments and in some cases, the whole cycle of acquiring the talent was completed in less than three weeks.

One of the key reasons for the success of this partnership is also the ability of Antal and Ferzyn to execute competence based specific searches with the aim to head hunt profiles that are very relevant to the remittance portfolio of Western Union. Ferzyn’s ability to understand the specific search, source candidates, convince them to look at the opportunity in Western Union has translated in Western Union acquiring some key talent from a very limited pool of talent available in the market.

The end to end solution offered by Antal including offer closure discussion with the candidates has truly brought a value proposition to Western Union. It has been a pleasure working with Ferzyn in the last two and a half years in brining high quality talent to Western Union and we look forward to strengthening the partnership further as we move towards further expansion in Western Union. Thank you for all your support and hard work.

Suma Roy

Senior HR Manager

Western Union Services India Private Limited