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I must say 2015 for me started on a very Happy note with a New and Bigger Organization.

This wouldn't have been possible without you (Ms.Nidhi Bhatia) and Antal.

I remember our very first conversation about this opportunity in leading MNC Pharma company
I was not very pro about it. It was Nidhi who suggested I give it a try and I am thankful that she did that.

Since then right from the interview to the final day of joining, the process has been very smooth, professional yet friendly.

To mention few
- Regular and timely updates regarding the progress at MNC Pharma’s end
- Personal feedback which were categorically taken from me after every round of interview
- Helping me manage the anxiety associated with the process (esp the Resignation letter template, few articles about counteroffers which were shared with me)

Opportunity to work with this MNC Pharma company is great but the entire process happening through Antal was a cherry on top.

Definitely you have a long way to go working with such a futuristic organization. 

Sujata, MNC Pharma Company

“A big Thank you to begin with. Let me confess here that you are a unique person from Antal whom I can state as an example of dedicated commitment and solid perseverance for anyone to achieve the target. Truly, it is the most difficult task in today's time to evaluate, scrutinize, convince and finally grab a solid candidate which will be a good asset to any organization. Undoubtedly a great effort displayed by you.


Speaking about my own experience with you and Antal; it is special and everlasting. I would still remember the day you called me, verified my experience and skills in the right perspective, convinced me about Teva and made me change my mind (even though I was just 8 months old in Roquette), was amazing and kept me wondering that whether I made the right choice. You definitely have something in you which can really convince someone for an motive which is not visually seen but virtually can be achieved. Some of your important qualities which are noticeable are - Strong follow ups, intermittent status updates, available to share notes at any time of the day. Your coordination with me and client HR was excellent to exchange notes and get clarifications whenever required.


You are truly a great asset for Antal or I would say Antal is very lucky to have you with them. Finally let me thank you again and all the best for your future.”

Mr Krishna K, Associate Director , MNC pharma

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your consultancy.

We sincerely appreciate Antal's efficient & gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability Antal has demonstrated on each position, and the way Antal conducts business as a whole.

I would like to highlight that deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and you are quick to resolve any issues that arise.


I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Antal Network and Rahul in particular as I have been consistently impressed by his professional attitude since the first day we connected.

Recruitment isn't an exact science, but the Antal Team has always been helpful and reachable, providing our company with top talent for our different projects. Antal totally understood our needs and is committed to put resources and voices to work every day for customers and clients - serving the needs of individuals, global companies, and everyone in between.

I appreciate their quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. They remained active in entire recruitment process right until the very end. We highly recommend Antal for any future collaboration!


I really appreciate our partnership with Antal as they helped me close some key sales and office positions.

On behalf of the organization, I would like to say that your commitment, accountability, adherence to timelines and service orientation delights us to the core and we enjoy working with you and the team at Antal.

Thank you and I am sure you will partner and support us in closing positions in the future as well with the same phenomenal attitude.


Antal has been an important partner for InnAccel Technologies in building our Commercial team. We greatly appreciate the attention you have paid to understanding what our exact requirements are and the enthusiasm with which you have taken on the challenge of filling multiple roles in a startup. From screening candidates to supporting through the evaluation and recruiting process, the Antal team has been proactive and timely. The level of service we have received throughout has been excellent (significantly better than the other Executive Search firms we have experience with)! Rahul and the Antal team have become our trusted partners and we look forward to continuing to work together. On behalf of InnAccel, Thank You to Rahul, Mona, Supriya, and everyone else in the Lucknow team who has supported us!