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Dear Salvatore

To say that it was an immense pleasure meeting you in person is an understatement… and I truly mean it.

As you have rightly said, it is not that you have re-invented the wheel, but your way of operating and thinking, combined with your overall systematic approach and most interesting personality, are indeed made up by a variety of exemplary principles and traits which regretfully are nowadays only exemplified by a very rare few… and those very rare few are not even easy to come across to for anyone…

I have sincerely enjoyed our conversation and would like to wholeheartedly thank you. Above all, for taking the time to meet up and, equally, for such an insightful session. I must say that, although I have been in the business for 3 decades around the world and made a progressively – and rather fast - successful career to-date, I have actually found what you have been kind to share and discuss, to be very educative and refreshing… once again, yes, it is not the re-invention of the wheel or something that was unknown to me, but quite often, this I believe tends to be either forgotten or taken for granted, or even better, overshadowed subconsciously in many of us by a somehow perceptional “acquired confidence” (or believe to have it gained) by the years of experience spent as GMs. or actually rather/better… of merely being in the business.

Your “back to basic approach”, but done well and as you do it and at the same time expect others to do, certainly makes a lot of sense and leads inevitably to success.

Not to reiterate again what I have expressed in person, but I would be remiss if I failed to say it again… becoming one of your “successful candidates” who you screen and decide to “accept” and consequently propose to a prospective client, and equally to be one of your “clients”, is certainly a privilege that gives an enormous level of re-assurance, trust, credibility and confidence.

I will work Salvatore in doing what you have advised at my earliest and, until I have the pleasure of speaking with you or seeing you again, I thank you once more for taking the time to meet me and send you my warmest regards.

Candidate, Head of Operations,  International Luxury Hotel Group