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Ute Hagen has been providing recruitment services to our company looking for professionals to develop our product abroad.

With Ute my company has experienced high level customer support and inspiring example of customer care.

From my experience so far this is one of the few service providers able to prove that «customer care» and «individual approach» are deals, not words.

Also, we appreciated unprecedented flexibility that is not always there among the services providers from Western Europe...

Olga Lashkul, Business Development

Our collaboration with Ute as a recruiter supplier lasted for about 1 year. And I am looking forward to having this opportunity again! When I was looking for a solid recruitment provider in Western Europe it was pretty clear for me that Ute would be the number 1. From the very beginning I was touched and impressed by her professional, trustworthy, straight and responsible approach to the client. We were working together on several absolutely different recruitment projects simultaneously. At the same time Ute did her best to provide the most suitable candidates corresponding to the position levels I was looking for.

Ute's manner of working is pretty simple and considerate in communication while logical and scrupulous in understanding of clients' needs.

I would accentuate on receiving not only recruitment services during our work but also having rational consulting decisions of Ute/ useful business ideas worthwhile follow up considerations. I am also extremely amazed by such Ute's competencies as business understanding, relating, decision making. She is a wonderful person and incomparable professional I am proud of to deal with!

Elena Levchenko, Area Talent Manager (Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia) , British American Tobacco

“The collaboration with Antal was very good. From the beginning till i signed the contract with my current employer, Antal proved professionalism and seriousness.” 

Dan Constantin Zeru, , Construction Superintendent, Construction

“Regarding cooperation with Antal, I have only words of praise. Everything went as they presented me from the beginning and this matters a lot, misleading
I appreciated her discretion and professional approach.” 

Constantin Costache, Business Development Manager, Rebound Electronics U.K.

“I rarely recommend recruitment firms (once every ten years!), but I think Antal warrant it in this situation. They were great to work with, kept me on the straight and narrow and made sure we kept the process on track. I delegated all of the interview arrangements and they were also helpful in the final closing negotiations.” 

Ruxandra Lupsa, Bank Manager, ABN Amro Bank

I know Nizar Lalani since the last 15 years both as a colleague and a recruitment consultant. His strength lies in being a complete professional with excellent academic/professional qualifications and all round experience which encompasses senior level assignments in both Corporate MNC sector as well as International consultancy environment.

As the head of a UAE’s leading Head Hunting and Recruitment firm, Nizar endeavors to get complete understanding of his clients’ needs. He has successfully assisted my company in a number of challenging recruitment assignments, fulfilling his professional obligations with utmost dedication and commitment.

Sohail Arif, Human Resources Manager, Mercedes Benz GSA

“A big Thank you to begin with. Let me confess here that you are a unique person from Antal whom I can state as an example of dedicated commitment and solid perseverance for anyone to achieve the target. Truly, it is the most difficult task in today's time to evaluate, scrutinize, convince and finally grab a solid candidate which will be a good asset to any organization. Undoubtedly a great effort displayed by you.


Speaking about my own experience with you and Antal; it is special and everlasting. I would still remember the day you called me, verified my experience and skills in the right perspective, convinced me about Teva and made me change my mind (even though I was just 8 months old in Roquette), was amazing and kept me wondering that whether I made the right choice. You definitely have something in you which can really convince someone for an motive which is not visually seen but virtually can be achieved. Some of your important qualities which are noticeable are - Strong follow ups, intermittent status updates, available to share notes at any time of the day. Your coordination with me and client HR was excellent to exchange notes and get clarifications whenever required.


You are truly a great asset for Antal or I would say Antal is very lucky to have you with them. Finally let me thank you again and all the best for your future.”

Mr Krishna K, Associate Director , MNC pharma
Penny Simpson at Antal is highly recommended for her professionalism and efficiency, and has been delightful to work with.
Penny has gone way beyond the normal resourcing and contract management service, by personally overseeing the smooth operation, with a personal touch ensuring that all parties are happy.
Penny has been very thorough with detail, but at the same time, efficient with joining everything together.
Thanks Penny!
Michael Warren, Service and Operations Manager, Royal College of General Practitioners

Penny is the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with so far. She’s best at what she does, Talented and a great team worker. She got me my present role as a contractor , with the best rate in the market as well. And I can’t forget to mention that spoilt all of her contractors with free lunch every 3 months! Thanks Penny

Femi Owoyale, Application Support Specialist - SITECORE, Royal College of General Practitioners

Thank you so much for a fantastic experience while seeking and finding my next career move. it was so good to get the human touch and not just seen as an object that can make you a commission. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking for a job in this field. Thank a lot Penny, very much appreciated.

Wale Ojo, Business Analyst , The Legal Aid Agency
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