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From the first contact until the contract signature I have been contacted and informed by Ms. Mau (Antal Frankfurt ) frequently. Following the first contact I have received  a  detailed job  description which made me get a clear picture of the position. Ms. Mau has taken care of all details and thanks to her professional approach I have felt comfortable. It has been a good cooperation and I am very glad that Antal Frankfurt team found me and considered me as a suitable candidate for that position.

Onur Yildirim

Jill as a practical approach and always delivers. The candidates she selects are top notch, they really benefit from her HR experience.

Sue Barrett HRD, Professional Research and Development, Janseen ( Pharma)

Antal HR recruitment, really inspired me to make a make a career change I am loving my new role. I want to thank them for their belief and support.

Frances Hunter

We have been partnering with Antal International Network for the past two years for our

Management Associate Programme (MAP) and other business critical sourcing requirements.

Based on the brief that was provided, the team at Antal did a comprehensive research on our business needs. This resulted in us interviewing the right kind of candidates who were well briefed by the Antal team before the interview. Antal's professionalism, swiftness and flexibility are laudable.

With a distinctive methodology of selection along with a team or committed consultants who have vast industry knowledge, Antal International provided us with the best talent available in the market. Antal International has proved to be a professional and results-driven firm.

We would confidently recommend Antal International to any company looking for long term business partners to address their recruitment needs.

Vaishali Ahuja, General Manager - HR, BMW Group

This is to place on record our appreciation for Antal's contribution to help us hire very good talent for our organization.

From Antal we have primarily dealt with Varun and I must say that he 1s one fine ace recruiter. The other day I told him that Varun you are either  too good or too lucky because in 3 consecutive assignments, he hit the nail on the head. We've actually made offers to all three of them and I'm told that 2 of them have accepted and the 3'd one we're working on. He goes out of his way to get complete clarity on the position, helps in negotiating without being imposing and is always prompt and quick in responding His recommendations of candidates have always been near to perfect. The diligence that goes into screening and shortlisting each candidate is commendable.

Your recent work in helping us hire talent for setting up our new Customer Relationship Management vertical, Town planning, and Senior members in Sales etc has been worth all your efforts.

We thank you for the critical contribution that Antal has made to Kalpataru.

Bavneesh Gulati, Senior Vice President - HR, Kalpataru

This is small note to thank Antal International Network India and Ferzyn Nemade, for your continued support and partnership with Western Union in sourcing and acquiring key Talent in India and Malaysia.

We have been associated with Antal and Ferzyn for over two and half years, and during this time Ferzyn has worked closely with Western Union on many key positions. Ferzyn's understanding of the business and ability to relate this knowledge with the profile requirement has made Antal a preferred partner for Western Union. This has translated  into  more  specific and accurate search, resulting  in qualitative footfalls and minimal time being spend on interviewing candidates. It is also imperative that I make a specific mention of the quick turnaround time that Ferzyn's has consistently maintained through all the assignments and in some cases, the whole cycle of acquiring the talent was completed in less than three weeks.

One of the key reasons for  the success of this partnership is also the ability of Antal and Ferzyn to execute competence based specific searches with the aim to head hunt profiles that are very relevant to the remittance portfolio  of Western Union. Ferzyn's ability  to understand the specific search, source candidates, convince them to look at the opportunity in Western Union has translated in Western Union acquiring some key talent from a very limited pool of talent available in the market.

The end to end solution offered by Antal including offer closure discussion with the candidates has truly brought a value proposition  to Western Union. It has been a pleasure working with Ferzyn in the last two  and  a half  years in  brining  high  quality  talent  to  Western  Union  and  we  look  forward  to strengthening the partnership further  as we move towards further expansion in Western Union. Thank you for all your support and hard work.

Suma Roy, Senior HR Manager, Western Union Services

Dear Salvatore

To say that it was an immense pleasure meeting you in person is an understatement… and I truly mean it.

As you have rightly said, it is not that you have re-invented the wheel, but your way of operating and thinking, combined with your overall systematic approach and most interesting personality, are indeed made up by a variety of exemplary principles and traits which regretfully are nowadays only exemplified by a very rare few… and those very rare few are not even easy to come across to for anyone…

I have sincerely enjoyed our conversation and would like to wholeheartedly thank you. Above all, for taking the time to meet up and, equally, for such an insightful session. I must say that, although I have been in the business for 3 decades around the world and made a progressively – and rather fast - successful career to-date, I have actually found what you have been kind to share and discuss, to be very educative and refreshing… once again, yes, it is not the re-invention of the wheel or something that was unknown to me, but quite often, this I believe tends to be either forgotten or taken for granted, or even better, overshadowed subconsciously in many of us by a somehow perceptional “acquired confidence” (or believe to have it gained) by the years of experience spent as GMs. or actually rather/better… of merely being in the business.

Your “back to basic approach”, but done well and as you do it and at the same time expect others to do, certainly makes a lot of sense and leads inevitably to success.

Not to reiterate again what I have expressed in person, but I would be remiss if I failed to say it again… becoming one of your “successful candidates” who you screen and decide to “accept” and consequently propose to a prospective client, and equally to be one of your “clients”, is certainly a privilege that gives an enormous level of re-assurance, trust, credibility and confidence.

I will work Salvatore in doing what you have advised at my earliest and, until I have the pleasure of speaking with you or seeing you again, I thank you once more for taking the time to meet me and send you my warmest regards.

Candidate, Head of Operations,  International Luxury Hotel Group

It is very rare to come across someone as hardworking, talented and genuine as Naush. He guided me through the process of getting my dream job at a big 4 firm, he gave me fantastic support and acted as a true mentor throughout, coaching me and giving me all of the information and support I needed to succeed. Naush was a real pleasure to work with and clearly is excellent at what he does, but more importantly he genuinely cares about his work and that really shows. He is a true professional of whom I could not possibly speak more highly.

Charlotte Burnham-Stevens, KPMG

All you need is a conversation with Naush and your day will be filled with inspiration and motivation! From the time we were acquainted in my search for a consulting role in the UK, Naush has never failed to bring out the best in me. He is consistent in providing the best support and is always driven to give his best regardless of the situation. I was blessed by his presence and if he chooses to help you in anyway, consider yourself blessed too. 

Zen Lee, Strategic Business Consultant, SINCLAIR GLOBAL LIMITED

Ute Hagen has been providing recruitment services to our company looking for professionals to develop our product abroad.

With Ute my company has experienced high level customer support and inspiring example of customer care.

From my experience so far this is one of the few service providers able to prove that «customer care» and «individual approach» are deals, not words.

Also, we appreciated unprecedented flexibility that is not always there among the services providers from Western Europe...

Olga Lashkul, Business Development
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