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1.及时掌握、了解最新税务政策,并编写公司应对方案,根据业务需要组织必要的培训。Realize and track the latest tax policy, workout the reply plan and organize the necessary trainning 2.编制申报出口退税相关报表,协调处理出口相关税务事宜 Prepare and declare export tax refund documents and deal with all the tax issues related with export business. 3.根据中国税法规定,研究合理的税务筹划方案为公司经营出谋划策 Research reasonable tax planning. 4.对税务预算、税务月报进行复核 Review the annual tax budget and monthly tax report on the four eyes principle. 5.定期更新应付未付的海外应付款状态,并与境外公司进行沟通 Regular communicate with overseas supplier for outstanding payment

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Quality Head-质量总监

岗位职责: • 管理多家新建工厂的质量整体管理,与集团总部沟通制定公司质量战略与规划 • Full quality function responsible: new program quality+ R&D quality + QMS+ supplier quality+ Customer quality+ manufacturing quality+ warranty • 建立并带领团队提高公司质量水平,包含不局限于客户质量管理、生产过程质量控制、供应商质量等多个质量模块的管理 • Responsible for quality system implementation and its effectiveness validation of all plants, work closely with plant manager and stakeholders for operations excellence pursuing • 负责整体质量体系的建立,并和各个工厂管理人员协作,切实实施 • Regional quality goals setting, and define quality targets for all plants. Monitor its implementation & achievement and support its progress • 整体质量管理目标的设定,并监督下属团队及生产方面的同事落实计划 • 定期与下属团队进行沟通,确定实施情况 • New Process or approaches development based on the company strategy & business demanding • 持续提高工厂质量水准,建立积极向上的质量文化,提高团队专业水平 • People Management in terms of people hiring, training, performance review, career development, successor plan as well as talent retention plan

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工作内容/职位描述: 1. 负责车间工艺文件的编制、维护。包括控制计划、标准作业指导书、点检表等 Responsible for process documents in paint shop, including PLP/SWI/Check chart. 2. 负责处理生产现场涂装技术问题,根据质量问题反馈信息,积极应对,查找原因,并解决问题。 Responsible for painting troubles shooting on site, according to the quality feedback, positive response, find the reasons, and solve the problem. 3. 涂装车间生产现场管理,包括工艺纪律检查和考核,人员培训,基础管理等。 Management for paint shop onsite, including process discipline checking and appraisal, training and basic management. 4. 完成车间的生产和产品质量要求,保证生产的顺利进行,产品达到质量要求。 Complete the production volume and reach the quality requirement, organize the production goes smoothly. 5. 总结生产过程中存在的问题,提出合理化建议,完成生产分析报告。 Summarize the problems existing in the production process, put forward reasonable proposals and complete the production analysis report. 6. 完成其他领导安排的任务。 Complete other tasks assigned by leader.

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岗位职责: -带领公司民用飞机项目的研发团队,进行团队管理 -带领团队组织完成研发任务,进行产品技术突破和疑难问题的解决 -主要负责的产品方向有客舱娱乐系统、照明系统等

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岗位职责: 1、 负责并参与项目洽谈,完成会务组织及安排相关工作; 2、 维护项目合作伙伴关系,开展项目沟通及协调; 3、 负责项目相关文件、报告、合同、协议等材料的起草、修改、翻译、评审工作; 4、 负责总裁办其他事务性工作,以及总裁交办工作的督办、协调及落实。

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Sales Associate DACH

B2B Sales, Frankfurt, Vertrieb

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NEW FOR 2020 Recruiter Extraordinaire

Sales, Vertrieb, Business Services, Aussendienst

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