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5 Continents, 1 Vision Discovering Talent

    A Global Recruitment Solution
    Applied Locally

    We provide recruitment solutions with over 130 physical Antal offices in 35+ countries, with an unmatched understanding of local markets and cultures. Whether you’re looking for the next step in your career or want to hire talent for your company, we’re readily available to assist your recruitment needs on a local or global scale.
    Our recruitment solutions cover everything from Permanent to Temporary vacancies to RPO solutions and more, across skill base and industry.

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    Antal was founded in Europe in 1993, specifically London (UK), and today we have over 60 Antal recruitment offices across the continent...

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    Eastern Europe

    Eastern Europe

    Antal was founded in Europe in 1993, specifically London (UK), and today we have over 60 Antal recruitment offices across the continent...

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    Antal entered the Asian market in 1998, and today we have over 37 Antal recruitment offices across the continent...


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    Antal entered the African market in 2007, and today we have 6 Antal recruitment offices across the continent...


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    Latin America

    Latin America

    Antal's Latin America office is located in Mexico City, specialising in areas such as Life Sciences, Finance...


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    Antal International

    We are the global talent solutions specialists.

    Having formed in 1993, Antal has rapidly grown across the globe, penetrating and having a major presence in all key talent markets.


    Today, Antal International is one of the leading global recruitment companies in the world, becoming the international recruitment company of choice in many of the 37 countries we operate in. 


    Our recruitment solutions cover everything from Permanent to Temporary vacancies to RPO solutions and more, across skill base and industry.

    About Antal

    The Trusted Recruitment Experts

    Simran not only found me the perfect job opportunity but also provided invaluable support throughout the entire process. Her expertise in the industry and understanding of my skills and aspirations ensured that the job was an ideal fit for me. She took the time to understand my career goals and preferences. Her insights into the company culture and interview expectations were spot-on, which enabled me to present myself confidently and effectively.

    Harshitha Rao

    I am incredibly grateful to Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud for helping me secure the perfect role as Country Manager of Technology. His support throughout the process was invaluable.

    Candidate, Country Manager Technology

    Je suis extrêmement reconnaissant à Philippe d'ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud de m'avoir aidé à trouver le poste idéal de Country Manager Technology. Son soutien tout au long du processus a été inestimable. 

    Candidate, Country Manager Technology

    Le processus de recrutement avec Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud a été exceptionnel. Son expertise et son réseau ont été déterminants pour décrocher un poste de Chief Product Officer

    Candidate, Chief Product Officer

    The recruitment process with Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud was exceptional. His expertise and network were decisive in securing the position of Chief Product Officer.

    Candidate, Chief Product Officer

    Thanks to Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud, I secured a VP Client Experience position at a dynamic company. His personalized support and industry knowledge were crucial.

    Candidate, VP Client Experience

    Grâce à Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud, j'ai obtenu un poste de VP Client Experience dans une entreprise dynamique. Son soutien personnalisé et sa connaissance du secteur ont été déterminants.

    Candidate, VP Client Experience

    Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud a joué un rôle crucial dans l'avancement de ma carrière. Il a trouvé pour moi le poste idéal de Head of Products, parfaitement aligné avec mes compétences et objectifs professionnels.

    Candidate, Head of Products

    Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud has played a crucial role in advancing my career. He found the ideal Head of Products position for me, perfectly aligned with my skills and professional objectives.

    Candidate, Head of Products

    Philippe's expertise in the Cloud sector helped me find a Cloud Network Architect position that perfectly met my expectations. His professional approach was invaluable.

    Candidate, Cloud Network Architect

    L'expertise de Philippe dans le secteur du Cloud m'a permis de trouver un poste d'Architecte Réseau Cloud qui correspondait parfaitement à mes attentes. Son approche professionnelle m'a été précieuse.

    Candidate, Cloud Network Architect

    We worked with Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud to recruit several key managers. His understanding of our sector and our specific needs was crucial in finding the right talent.

    Client, CEO & Founder Scale Up Telecom

    Nous avons collaboré avec Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud pour recruter plusieurs cadres clés. Sa compréhension de notre secteur et de nos besoins spécifiques a été cruciale pour trouver les bons talents.

    Client, CEO & Founder Scale Up Telecom

    Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud provided us with high-quality candidates who made an immediate impact on our company. His professionalism and extensive network are truly impressive.

    Client, Managing Director Telecom & Media

    Philippe d'ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud nous a fourni des candidats de grande qualité qui ont eu un impact immédiat sur notre entreprise. Son professionnalisme et son réseau étendu sont vraiment impressionnants

    Client, Managing Director Telecom & Media

    Notre expérience avec Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud a été exceptionnelle. Il a compris nos exigences spécifiques et nous a présenté des candidats qui s'intégraient parfaitement à notre culture d'entreprise.

    Client, Managing Director Software

    Our experience with Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud was exceptional. He understood our specific requirements and presented us with candidates who fitted in perfectly with our corporate culture.

    Client, Managing Director Software

    Philippe's ability to find top-level talent within tight deadlines was critical for our growth. His exceptional recruitment services at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud are highly recommended.

    Client, Commercial Development Director for Key Accounts

    La capacité de Philippe à trouver des talents de haut niveau dans des délais très courts a été déterminante pour notre croissance. Ses services exceptionnels de recrutement à ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud sont fortement recommandés.

    Client, Commercial Development Director for Key Accounts

    Philippe chez ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud a été un partenaire de recrutement précieux. Son expertise et sa compréhension approfondie de notre secteur nous ont permis de recruter les meilleurs talents en ingénierie de produits.

    Client, Director of Product Engineering

    Philippe at ANTAL Boulogne Saint-Cloud has been an invaluable recruitment partner. His expertise and in-depth understanding of our sector has enabled us to recruit the best talent in product engineering.

    Client, Director of Product Engineering

    I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Ship4wd Business Development Manager - Customer Success ( North America ) at Ship4wd! I would like to thank Yatneshwar Singh and Sabrina Shaikh for the onboarding process.

    Tanmay Shah

    Yatneshwar and I have worked directly to set up teams for, He is very resourceful to find the right talent for the respective roles. Pro-active and helpful in delivering excellence

    Asther Rathod

    I had the privilege of working with Daryl and it was a fantastic experience. She demonstrated a keen understanding of my skills and career aspirations, and her guidance throughout the recruitment process was invaluable. Daryl is a top-notch recruiter who genuinely cares about the candidates and clients she represents and walks the extra mile. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking new career opportunities.

    Actuarial Analyst (TASSA)

    Daryl Abbott works diligently and knows all the details around her work. She takes time to understand the project to allow for suitable solutions. In our interaction, there were no misunderstandings or delays and we agreed that all parties were happy. I recommend Daryl as a recruitment specialist because she is professional, efficient and knowledgeable.

    Analytics and Model development Expert

    Daryl is very professional and client-centered. She provides valuable guidance throughout your recruitment process. It was a great pleasure encountering her. Thank you for being a pivotal influence in my career.

    Disability Claims Assessor

    Daryl is the best Recruitment Specialist out there. She helped me secure my dream job and helped with all the challenges that one may face during the process,  just general good advice you may need. If you are looking for that dream job and opportunity you have always wanted especially in the Finance, Data Science, Quants and Actuarial industries, I highly recommend getting in touch with her. She is just so exceptionally passionate and amazing with what she’s doing.

    Actuarial Analyst

    I’ve got so much to say about Daryl, She worked tirelessly to identify a more than adequate fit for me to transition into, in line with the type of development. She kept the lines of communication open and dynamic and was very considerate in creating conveniences around scheduling engagements, interviews and other important appointments. More so, she strikes a niche balance between prospects, goals and what’s achievable. The world needs a few more of you!

    Big Data analyst with specialization in campaign analytics

    I have been contacted by Daniel one year ago for my current role. Daniel has some of the top HR skills needed to help organizations stand out in an increasingly challenging environment. I enjoy Daniel and Antal's ability to bring people together and the fact he is fully committed to the luxury market. He is a true professional and team player and I would highly recommend him!

    Francesco Dallari - Director of HR St. Regis Venice
    Director of Human Resources St. Regis Venice

    I would highly recommend Daniel to assist people in the pursuit of career success. He provides tailored and personalised recruitment advice for a strategic move. He is dedicated to ensuring the right role and skills for his candidates and clients. Daniel is trustworthy & assisted through all stages of transition.

    Ben Wheeler - Chef De Cuisine Park Hyatt Tokyo
    Chef De Cuisine Park Hyatt Tokyo

    I have been working with Daniel to recruit several executive and senior positions during the past years and highly recommend him! His professionalism, deep knowledge of the industry, network, and interpersonal skills made me always feel 100% safe and sure to be working with the best agency in the market.

    Sirena Di Martino
    Director of Human Resources

    Last year, we partnered with Antal International to hire a Country Manager in India with specific B2B sales expertise in niche markets. Mrs. Jyoti Puranik from Antal Pune swiftly provided qualified candidates, assisting us through the hiring process, salary processing, contracts, and onboarding. Highly recommended for future recruitments!

    Axel Plastics

    Dear Daniel  Your thoroughness and professionalism in sourcing and vetting candidates were evident, and we are grateful for the high caliber of candidates you presented to us. Once again, thank you for your outstanding support and dedication. We are truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you, and we look forward to the possibility of future collaborations.

    Jiyeon Lee
    Cluster Director of HR

    I appreciate your swift and thoughtful response regarding my application. Engaging with Antal Motor City throughout the recruitment process has been a pleasure.


    Thank you for your transparency and professionalism. I wish Antal Motor City continued success and look forward to staying connected.


    Thank you for all your help. I am the most grateful applicant in Dubai!


    The ANTAL consultant is one of these hard-to-find "Talent hunters". In my career, I worked with recruiters and I never had the chance to work with someone like him. I am extremely happy I have met him as he was able to understand the position & my experience thanks to his expertise in the domain. The human touch, the kept promises, the formal and informal communications, and foremost the honesty & respect for both customer & candidate were completely new to me. 

    Filip L.
    OT Security Solutions Architect

    ANTAL contacted me out of the blue when I was looking for a new assignment. Although I am very selective on accepting new contacts on my LinkedIn profile, I clicked "OK". And I did not regret. Never met such a professional recruiter. 2 days later, I had my first meeting with the company and 5 days later, the contract was signed. Thanks ANTAL for the professionalism and the good follow-up. I can recommend to everyone....

    Krist C
    IT Security Strategist

    I'm thrilled with Vassil Pavlov's recruitment services at Antal International. Partnering with him was exceptional. Vassil displayed professionalism, industry expertise, and a commitment to our unique hiring needs. His meticulous pre-screening saved us time and resources. Vassil's transparency and insights into the job market were invaluable. Working with Vassil and Antal International led to successful placements, contributing to our success. I wholeheartedly recommend Vassil and Antal for recr...


    We provide Recruitment services for permanent and temporary assignments. Our experience lies within companies in FMCG, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Production, Logistics and Supply Chain. Within these companies we provide recruitment solutions for a broad spectrum of roles: General Management and Management roles for all departments + the industry specialists (white collar).

    Netherlands, Rotterdam - Antal office

    I want to thank you for the work and effort you have put in. I have only words of praise for your team. And I appreciate your understanding and patience. I'm speaking from both an administrative and a productive standpoint. Somehow, I realize that I've been fortunate to have followed a colleague's/service provider's recommendation to approach you.

    Hiring mgr. ing. A. Gosev

    Настоящим письмом организация ROZETКA сообщает, что за время сотрудничества с Antal Uzbekistan данная фирма успела зарекомендовать себя как надежный и профессиональный партнер. Главной отличительной чертой работы Antal Uzbekistan является высокая организованность и оперативность сотрудников организации, готовность быстро реагировать па изменение обстоятельств. Исходя из вышесказанного, компания ROZETКA хотела бы отметить высокий потенциал Antal Uzbekistan, нацеленность на процветание и дальнейше...

    ROZETКA, Генеральный директор

    Hereby ROZETKA informs that during the period of cooperation with Antal Uzbekistan this company has managed to prove itself as a reliable and professional partner. The main distinctive feature of Antal Uzbekistan is the high level of organisation and efficiency of its employees, their readiness to react quickly to changing circumstances. Based on the above, ROZETKA would like to note the high potential of Antal Uzbekistan, its focus on prosperity and further successful development....

    ROZETКA, General Director

    We hereby confirm that MICROMINE Central Asia has positive experience of cooperation with Antal lnternational Uzbekistan, in the field of searching for an employee for an open vacancy. During the cooperation representatives of the company showed high professionalism and efficiency in fulfilment of the specified tasks. We are pleased to recommend Antal lnternational Uzbekistan as a trusted partner in recruitment.

    MICROMINE Central Asia

    Настоящим письмом подтверждаем, что компания Orient Group Management имеет опыт сотрудничества с Antal International Uzbekistan в сфере подбора персонала. Подтверждаем, что услуги Antal International Uzbekistan соответствуют высокопрофессиональному уровню.

    Директор, Orient Group Management

    We hereby confirm that Orient Group Management Company has experience of cooperation with Antal International Uzbekistan LLC in the field of personnel recruitment. We confirm that the services of Antal International Uzbekistan correspond to a highly professional level.

    Director, Orient Group Management

    Настоящим письмом подтверждаем, что МАЙКРОМАЙН Центральная Азия имеет опыт сотрудничества с Antal lnternational Uzbekistan, в сфере поиска сотрудника на открытую вакансию. За время сотрудничества представители компании проявили творческий подход, высокий профессионализм и оперативность в выполнении обозначенных задач. Подтверждаем, что услуги Antal lnternational Uzbekistan, соответствуют высокопрофессиональному профилю....

    МАЙКРОМАЙН Центральная Азия

    Настоящим письмом подтверждаем, что МАЙКРОМАЙН Центральная Азия имеет положительный опыт сотрудничества с Antal lnternational Uzbekistan, в сфере поиска сотрудника на открытую вакансию. За время сотрудничества представители компании проявили высокий профессионализм и оперативность в выполнении обозначенных задач. Рады рекомендовать компанию Antal lnternational Uzbekistan, как надежного партнера в сфере подбора персонала....

    Председатель Совета Директоров, Артур Конрад - ATLAS International AG

    We hereby confirm that ATLAS International AG has experience of co-operation with Antal International Uzbekistan in the field of personnel recruitment. During the period of cooperation the representatives of the company have shown creativity, high professionalism and efficiency in fulfilment of the specified tasks. We confirm that the services of Antal International Uzbekistan correspond to a highly professional profile.

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arthur Conrad - ATLAS International AG

    I would like to express my gratitude to Vassil Pavlov from Antal International for guiding me seamlessly through the recruitment process. I deeply appreciate his kind, positive, and supportive demeanor, which made me feel exceptionally comfortable throughout the entire journey.  I am truly impressed by his dedication to comprehend my skills, experience, and preferences, culminating in a perfect alignment with a job opportunity that matches my career aspirations. I wholeheartedly recommend his se...

    Business Analyst

    Thank you for all your efforts too and for assisting us in finding us two Accounts Executives so quickly. Both are great candidates and I am sure they are going to fit right in here.

    Director, Corporate Insurance Broker

    It is extremely rare to find a recruiter who is informative and concerned about your goals and aspiration. I am extremely fortunate that my path crossed with Chantel's. She actively engaged with me throughout the entire process. I have never in all my 20+ years in the corporate field come across someone more compassionate and caring of her clients. This service does not stop after a placement, she goes above and beyond to constantly check in and see how you fit into your new role. 

    Thelo Mahomed, Specialist: Claims, Centriq

    Penny has been a massive assist to me since I joined RIBA as Head of PMO in recruiting excellent team members to fill challenging and diverse roles in Project and Programme delivery. She is dedicated and professional and very easy to work with, our association has enabled me to focus on Programme and Project outcomes as the staffing element was adeptly supported by Penny. Requirements were captured succinctly and all potential candidates reflected the specification I had given the outcomes have...

    Peter Frayne
    Head of RIBA PMO

    Two months ago, I dreamed of moving to Munich and finding a job. Pamela helped me with the job search, understood my needs and found the perfect position for me. She guided me through the process with passion and professionalism, keeping me informed every step of the way. Pamela's friendly approach and genuine interest in me as an applicant set her apart.

    Sales Assistant

    They understood my character, my work style and my needs. By active listening, they found me a perfect match for the company culture and team I was looking for. Kind approach, passion and professionalism are unique in this business world. I appreciate the open communication and genuine care of me as a candidate. Since the beginning of our partnership, you were making sure I am informed of every step of the process. Vielen dank.  


    I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate response and ability to start work immediately in light of the tight schedule. The level of the candidates supplied, all who met our requirements, was a positive. When seeking a candidate for a high caliber position (chief accountant) a large database like yours is very useful. Everything was handled in a professional manner and special thanks should go to our consultant.

    Business Controller, CIS

    El trabajar con Antal nos ha añadido un plus de profesionalidad en nuestros procesos de selección de personal, y nos ha hecho obtener una optimización del tiempo, clave cuando hay momentos punta de cargas de trabajo. Todo el equipo de Antal ha actuado con gran proactividad, destacando Paola como consultora encargada de la coordinación de todo el proceso para nuestra empresa.

    Francesc Enrich
    Head of Sales and Site Manager, Spain & Portugal

    Violeta nos ha ayudado en la búsqueda de dos candidatos para el departamento contable de la empresa. Ha sido muy proactiva en todo el proceso, haciendo seguimiento de los candidatos y motivándolos para el cambio. Necesitábamos con urgencia cubrir esta posición y gracias a ella lo hemos conseguido. Nunca antes habíamos trabajado con Violeta y sin duda lo volveremos hacer cuando surja la necesidad.

    Beatriz Garcia Cano
    Lawyers and Accountants S.L.U.

    The cooperation with Antal Kazakhstan was a pleasant and positive experience. In the first stage of the candidate selection process, the professionalism made for a far more efficient recruitment process.Constant contact and regular feedback between Antal Kazakhstan, candidates and us helped us to find real professionals for our business within our planned budget.

    Amdocs Kazakhstan

    A few months ago, Coscollola Engineering started working with Antal. The response we receive is fast and professional, thanks to Ana Isabel, who made difficult things simple.

    Josep F. Sanchez Terrones
    General Manager Coscollola

    Desde nuestros inicios con ANTAL como partner de selección, siempre nos han ofrecido un servicio muy profesional y cercano a las necesidades concretas de nuestro negocio. Me gustaría destacar de sus servicios la comunicación fluida como cliente, el gran abanico de perfiles de diferentes ámbitos que gestionan en sus bases y la capacidad de respuesta ante situaciones de mayor presión en tiempos.

    Sergio Ortiz Pérez
    People & Talent Manager

    Desde el principio la comunicación fue muy fluida, y entendieron desde el principio cuáles eran nuestras necesidades. Tras unos 6 meses de colaboración puedo decir que la colaboración ha sido muy fructífera, ya que la externalización de los procesos de búsqueda, cribado y selección nos ha permitido ahorrar mucho tiempo, permitiéndonos dedicar nuestras energías a otras tareas.

    Consulta Despertares

    Deidre Straiton, with her excellent interpersonal skills and empathy for candidates, made me believe again that there was a place for me in the market. You interviewed me for the first time in 3 years, I failed all of them and yet you didn't stop until we found a top organisation to place me. You should be the example of recruitment and I would recommend you for years to come. Antal International is very lucky to have you on board. I wish you much success and that you can reach others with your...

    Entrepreneur | SaaS | IOT | UX | CX | Business Development | Sales & Marketing |Digital.

    Sohaib Chaudhry

    His profile and professionalism speaks for itself as I gladly second all the existing recommendations. We were able to successfully close the proceedings and everything fell into place both at personal and professional level very swiftly due to his headhunting process.

    Sohaib Chaudhry
    Group Head of Innovation for Treet Corp

    I connected with Nausherwan whilst on the lookout for the next challenge in my career in a new city. He not only connected me to an organisation and role that seemed like the right fit, but went above and beyond my expectations of what working with headhunters ought to be like. 

    Ifrah Mumtaz
    Senior Branding Manager

    We have been working closely with Antal Kazahstan and continue our cooperation. We want to emphasize the recruiters' professionalism and focus on the client's requirements. They proved a flexible approach to candidates and an ability to complete tasks efficiently. Based on the positive outcomes of our collaboration, we have chosen Antal Kazakhstan as one of our preferred suppliers. We recommend Antal Kazakhstan as a reliable partner and a company that is doing business according to international...

    HR Director
    Tetra Pak Kazakhstan

    I recently worked with Penny in securing a development contract and am more than impressed with her approach and professionalism. Penny brings great communication, experience, and a supportive attitude to the arena. She makes the whole process easy. Next time I'm looking for a contract, Penny will be the first person that I call

    David Johnson

    Staffing our complex organisation is always a challenge. Pierre demonstrated a very good understanding of our needs. He demonstrated a very high professional approach. I really appreciated his open, structured and professional communication. 

    Bernard Bolle
    Executive Manager at CIN-NIC

    Pierre was for me the right person at the perfect time. He managed my application in the most professional way and was always there to answer my questions. Thank you Pierre

    Dominique De Lange
    Freelance Cyber Security Consultant

    Antal- Gurgaon is very supportive with their candidates in the whole process starting from interview call to offer letter, in particular their prep call policy plays a significant role in the selection of candidates, and it makes the Antal- Gurgaon team unique from others. I really appreciate the Gurgaon team for all their efforts in my selection. They extend their support in the selection of the right company for the candidate as per the profile and are incredibly supportive during the entire s...

    Reputed Manufacturing Company
    Manager- Taxation

    I would like to give sincere thanks to Antal and its team members for taking my CV for the interview process. Right from the beginning they coordinate the interview activity. It was very smooth and perfectly planned process. It was in a time bound manner which is really appreciated, and they carefully guided me through each process so that I can prepare accordingly in the interview. It was a great experience with them.

    Reputed Manufacturing Company
    Deputy Manager - Costing

    Antal International has good experience recruiting senior positions in finance and account’s function. They believe in deep research about the organisational requirement to find suitable candidate to fill up position which enables them to contact right candidate for an interview. Explains all details about work profile and position before interview which really helps candidates presenting themselves in the right direction. In addition, this team is friendly, personable, and responsive. It is rea...

    Role placed for a Leading Manufacturing company
    Candidate Job Title: Head of Finance

    I really appreciated the professionalism with which the entire recruitment was handled by Antal team. Right from reaching me out by scrutinising my profile as an appropriate fit for their client, coordinating and assisting in conveying correct expectations on both sides, assisting in placing my concerns appropriately and thereafter been in continuous reach throughout the transition period and taking regular feedbacks post joining to ensure expectations are met. Kudos to the team for their effort...

    Client is a Listed Manufacturing company
    Technical lead – Accounting

    I can highly recommend working with Pierre-Yves. He is a reliable, competent, experienced and reliable person. Pierre-Yves’ wit, intelligence and thoughtful approach to his work makes him a significant contribution to whoever is lucky to work with him. But he’s also more than that, he is approachable and truly passionate about his work.


    A true leader, with a wide experience in managing people as well as structures and finances with vision and knowledge to develop and implement. Ready to collaborate again with no restrictions!!


    I have worked with Pierre-Yves in the past as a candidate and I can really recommend his recruitment style: approachable, reliable, motivated, passionate, transparant and very knowledgeable. He meticulously follows up on every step in the recruitment process. Highly recommended!


    I am privileged to write this recommendation about Naush Akram a highly competent, thorough and articulate professional. I got to know Naush in recent months in the role of senior HR Advisor but more so he became a coach and confidant as I endeavoured to look for my next exec level position as a Chief Operating Officer and was approached by Naush and his organization Antal International. I would rate Naush among the “best of the best” amongst the high-end HR consultants in the field of execut...

    Mehdi Hasnain
    COO, Loads Ltd

    Vielen Dank! Bisher habe ich noch keinen Recruiter kennen gelernt, der sich so für seine Kunden einsetzt. Bei dem von Ihnen vermittelte Steuerfachangestellte, der direkt von der Hochschule ins Berufsleben wechseln wollte, hatten sich einige Mängel gezeigt, die mit den praktischen Arbeitsabläufen einhergingen. ... da es Ihnen wichtig war, lhren Kunden langfistig gutes Personal zu sichern. Somit können zukünftige Jobsucher und Kanzleien sich in guten Händen wissen!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Great firm! Extremely and amazing recruitment partner! Thanks so much for bringing me good talent to our company! Thanks.

    Maria Angeles Bosch Ruano d Burnay
    HR Director - Prosegur

    I employed a staff member through you and she's been amazing. Since having her on board we've won awards. She's been with us for just over 3 years and I'm truly grateful.

    Natalie Gunther

    Although our collaboration is still at the beginning, I appreciate the professionalism and dedication to our project. In a job market that was already difficult and under the circumstances created by the current pandemic, Antal managed, due to their expertise and very good knowledge of the specifics of the IT employment market, to already produce results. We are very pleased with our close cooperation until now and we definitely recommend Antal International Network lasi to anyone for their serv...

    Adrian Doloca
    General Manager - Calcrom 

    Our collaboration started in 2018 and keeps on running today. We chose to collaborate with Iasi Office as a provider of recruitment services, due to the high quality of services provided and efficiency of recruitment­ selection process. Antal has constantly strived to understand our needs and our organizational culture in order to provide proper candidates actually meeting all our requirements. We recommend them for professionalism, confidentiality, availability and for the quality of services....

    Paolo Di Maio
    Technical Director - Bitron Electronics Engineering

    Liz you are an incredible person! 2020 had been a very challenging year for many of us however I managed to speak with Liz and she really turned things around for me and helped me find a great opportunity which I am great full to her! I would recommend speaking with Liz she is very professional. I can say one thing that Liz will go beyond her way to deliver the extra mile! Thank you so much Liz.

    Rakesh Bhalsod
    Practice Manager / Luxury Retail Manager

    Ma bucur ca am gasit un partener care sa inteleaga din prima ce vreau si sa faca efortul sa rezolve cu adevarat problema ci nu doar sa acopere contractul!

    Nicolae Lupu
    HR Manager - INTERSPORT, Romania

    2020 was quite a year for everyone. I know for me was a hard year oj job hunting, day after day, no after no and even though it was frustrating, I kept going till the day I received a call from Kelly Barter. She helped me to find a job during pandemic times when no one else did, she changed my life within less than two weeks and thanks to her I am now part of an amazing team as a Business Franchise Support. I will always be grateful to Kelly and to my team for their amazing welcoming and trainin...

    Paola Garcia Lopez
    Business Franchise Support

    I was able to secure an exciting new role, thanks to Nausherwan. He didn't just simply connect me to the role but actually made it a very pleasant experience from the get go. He was persistent, transparent, and able to build an engaging relationship. He didn't try to enforce a role but actually listened to what I was looking for and would be a good fit for. He stayed connected throughout the process and actually helped me prepare for the different steps of the hiring process. Highly recommend wo...

    Ayesha Agha
    Cluster Integrated Supply Chain Controller, Tetra Pak, Pakistan

    Nosa understood and took note of my needs to the minutest detail. She was able to screen out the candidates effectively and short-list only those that met my criteria. I could not have been more pleased with my final selected candidate. This candidate has already been fast-tracked through our probation process and is a valuable asset to the Finance team as a whole. I am an extremely pleased customer of ANTAL and will strongly recommend them for Finance-related recruitment across all levels withi...

    Group Financial Controller
    Prinova Europe Ltd

    Jim was always helpful, clear and on time with the information needed to best perform for me as a potential employee, and now I am successfully placed within the company it is confirmed that he is very well regarded for these traits internally as well. Jim has also of course followed up to ensure I am settling in well and we will certainly be using Jim going forward as he finds the right talent at the right time.

    George Roberts
    Vice President Sales at Servion Global Solutions

    Jim was great, took time to get to know me, the type of individual I am and the type of role and company that would be a complimentary fit. He supported and coached me, and the company through the interview process (all 5 stages) and much to my own surprise, I actually enjoyed the process, feeling informed and well prepared for each stage. I'm now 2 weeks into a new job with a new company and loving it! I would recommend Jim to anyone looking for a new job and any companies seeking a profession...

    Eva Court
    Snr Business Development Manager - IoT Tata Communications

    Jim is a very experienced professional recruiter who consistently delivers excellent results to meet tight deadlines. Jim has a wide network of contacts, is customer focused, thorough and hardworking. He has repeatedly pulled out all the stops for me when working on assignments to find well matched candidates for a wide range of roles including niche and very senior ones in addition to more standard roles. Jim is a pleasure to work with and a trusted advisor

    Jill Hearst
    SVP HR EMEA at Verint

    For many years Jim has selected the right candidates for interview and his advice has always been accurate and informative.  

    Chris putt
    UK Managing Director at Global Cloud Xchange

    Jim is an absolute gem & consummate professional to work with. A rare breed of head hunter, who delivers quality roles to match job seeker

    Dean Chettra

    Jim recruited me into my current role and has continued to provide recruitment services to the company. In all my dealings with Jim I have found him to be highly professional, focused on the task in hand and able to source high quality candidates, everything you should expect from a quality recruitment professional but not always the case.

    Andy Scopes
    SVP Services and Support EMEA at Verint

    Nobody came close to the professionalism, the integrity, the commitment that Jim showed. From our first conversation, he showed me that he meant business. He knew his Client well, he knew the position well and he, definitely, knew what to look for in order to add value both to his Client and myself. During the hiring process, he always delivered what he promised, and not even once he failed to follow up. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who either is seeking for a new job or is looking to ...

    Stavros Aivaliotis

    Jim is a fantastic gentleman to work with, He is very skilled and professional whilst talking business and will assist in everyway possible. Many thanks Jim.

    Louise Lellow
    Executive Assistant at Credit Suisse

    Jim is a recruiter who thinks outside the box to provide value to his clients. For example, we did a telephone interview recording to differentiate his candidate against the competition. This in turn saves hiring manager's time in due diligence and speed up hiring process to attract to creme de la creme candidates. His high tech marketing campaign works!

    Pauline Gan
    Global Key Accounts Director at Informa

    Jim is a qualified recruiter who helped me find my actual job. Once Jim contacted me, we kept in touch with each other. He made me feel as a professional asset. In sum, I'm really thankful for all the support and advice that Jim gave me through the selection process. I strongly recommend him as a professional recruiter for technology companies, and recommend Antal to whoever wish to explore or pursue new job opportunities.

    Constantino Jesús Gómez
    PMP® Project Manager, Client Services at Citrix Systems Spain, SL

    I worked with Jim on a couple of prospects & found him always to be professional, well-informed and consistent in his approach. He worked with singular purpose to achieve a joint aim and delivered accordingly. I would certainly recommend Jim and his services to anyone.

    Simon Wade
    Account Director at Datapoint

    Jim has been able to obtain interviews for me at 2 very significant companies. The first at Avaya UK, gained me a position as Head of Global Engagement and Service Delivery and the second gained me the opportunity to seel my skills to a global Telecomms provider. In each case, Jim has been communicative, diligent and good natured in his approach. His range of contacts is extremely well spread and unlike many recruiters, Jim is prepared to take calls and speak directly to his clients....

    Bill Holloway
    Senior Commercial Director, specialising in Outsourcing & Managed Services

    Jim and I worked together for a job opportunity where Jim supported me with all relevant and needed information about the position. Jim was well informed about the position and the company and all questions I had were answered in a high quality. He has a very strong service mentality and a solution driven way of working. I worked with a lot Executive Search Companies and Jim is very well organized and always up to date.

    Lars Krug
    Director Enterprise Standard Fulfilment bei Vodafone

    Sulma is very meticulous in understanding the client’s requirements and has been very good in sourcing highly relevant profiles, well within timelines. Her in-depth understanding of the Healthcare Industry and her sense of accountability to her clients is very high which probably gives her the edge over her counterparts.

    Tiji Varghese
    Manager HR & Marcom at Healthware Pvt. Ltd

    I know Sulma for a couple of years, she is very passionate about her work. She is a seasoned HR Professional who has excellent connections in the Health care industry. She is an empathetic recruiter who understands candidates' requirements & gives her best to place them in a good organization.

    Srikanth Katturwar
    National Sales Head at Neuberg Center for Genomic Medicine.

    Identifying the best candidate for recruiters is the key skill which Sulma has. She has good consistency & very good follow up. Truly a passionate professional which I have interacted with recently.

    Nilesh Sarode
    Area Sales Manager at Translumina Therapeutics

    They took the whole ownership of the recruitment process and made it look very smooth and hassle free. The transition from my previous organisation to the new one was good and they guided me throughout to help me look at the benefits from career growth perspective. I would like to extend my thanks to Mahalakshmi and her Team-Antal, to help me get a dream job and I wish them good luck for future. They are like a mentor when they approach you for Job Opportunity and you can be assured of the best ...

    Hitesh Nair (AVP, Performance Engineering)
    AQM Technologies

    Extremely detail oriented & meticulous. Have had the pleasure of interacting with Mahalakshmi and her team on multiple occasions & have been impressed by their sharp business accumen & an eye for identifying talent at leadership levels. Their pragmatism & ability to think from a business point of view is their best quality.

    Kulpam Peshin (Head, Business Development)

    I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Ram when we partnered with Antal in 2019. We recruited some top talent in 2019 thanks to Ram's initiatives and helped us grow from a 10 member team to a full-blown Presales and Implementation team. We'll always be thankful to Ram and Antal International for helping us get our hands on top talent in the market.

    VP - Head Implementation of a top-tier SaaS provider of Subscription & Billing software

    Der Prozess war geprägt von einem sehr freundlichen Kontakt, netten und informativen Gesprächen und einer herzlichen Art. Ich habe mich insgesamt sehr gut betreut gefühlt.


    Herr Olaf Grewe war von Beginn an eine sehr grosse Hilfe und Unterstützung für mich! Er hat mir sehr kompetent und hilfreich zur Seite gestanden. Durch seine wertvollen Tipps war er mir im Bewerbungsprozess bei Rituals eine sehr grosse Hilfe. Ich bin sehr dankbar dafür und möchte besonders hervorzuheben das er im stetigen Kontakt mit mir stand und immer ein offenes Ohr hatte. Danke dafür!