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7 red flags you are not in the right role

By Antal International

If you're feeling stuck, it might be time to reassess. Here are some key signals that you might need a change and some tips on how to navigate this transition:


1. Resist Change: Sticking to the same routine can make you feel stagnant. Change is necessary for growth and rediscovery of your strengths.

- How to Help: Challenge yourself to try something new each week, whether it’s a new task at work or a different approach to your routine. Embrace small changes to ignite your creativity.


2. Ignore Your Passions: If your job feels more like a chore than a passion, it’s a sign you’re not on the right path. Lack of excitement can indicate misalignment with your true interests.

- How to Help: Reflect on what activities you genuinely enjoy and look for opportunities to incorporate them into your work. Consider speaking to a career coach for guidance.


3. Overlook Your Strengths: When you’re not using your natural talents, work can feel draining. Recognizing and nurturing your unique abilities is crucial for motivation.

- How to Help: Take a skills assessment to identify your strengths and seek roles that allow you to utilize them. Regularly review your accomplishments and set goals to leverage your talents.


4. Endure the Quiet Days: Constant dread of work hours indicates it’s time for a change. Finding a job that aligns with your values is key to reigniting your passion.

- How to Help: Research industries or companies that share your values. Network with professionals in those fields to gain insights and find potential opportunities.


5. Avoid Challenges: Without challenges, work becomes monotonous and uninspiring. Continuous learning and personal development are essential for a fulfilling career.

- How to Help: Enroll in a course or workshop to develop new skills. Seek out projects that push your boundaries and provide a sense of accomplishment.


6. Ignore Recognition: If you feel unappreciated, it’s a sign you might not be in the right place. Recognition is crucial for job satisfaction.

- How to Help: Have an open conversation with your supervisor about your contributions. If recognition is still lacking, consider exploring other opportunities where your efforts are valued.


7. Disregard Advice: Failing to seek advice can leave you feeling isolated and directionless. Conversations with professionals can offer valuable insights and guidance.

- How to Help: Reach out to mentors or colleagues for advice. Attend industry events and networking sessions to learn from others’ experiences and get career tips.


Remember, it’s okay to explore different paths to find what truly brings you joy. Trust your instincts and stay open to change. With patience and introspection, you’ll discover a career that brings you fulfilment, purpose, and happiness.

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