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Candidate Advice

Answering "Tell me about yourself" in interviews

By Antal International

Why does it often starts with "tell me about yourself"? This initial question asked by interviewers isn't coincidental; it's a deliberate introduction to the interview process, serving as a bridge between casual talk and the main discussion. Think of it as a 30 to 60-second elevator pitch – which in reality translates as , “Tell me what led you to apply for this job.”

- This query aims to assess strengths, past experiences, and your ability to convey information with confidence and engagement.

- Keep your response concise and compelling, covering strengths, relevant experiences, and what excites you about the job.

- Timing is crucial; aim for a 30-second response to avoid sounding like aimless rambling.


Structure your answer with a past-present-future approach:

- History: Elaborate on the path to your present role, discussing past experiences relevant to the desired job and company.

- Now: Briefly overview your current position, its scope, and highlight a recent significant accomplishment.

- Upcoming: Shift to future objectives, express aspirations for the next steps and detail why the position aligns with your skills.



- Avoid reading your entire CV.

- Don't mention irrelevant roles.

- Avoid going into too much personal detail.

- Most importantly, avoid speaking negatively about your former employer – it can create a negative impression, especially at the beginning of an interview.


For further career advice, please visit our Career blogs page, where you'll find a full range of resources to guide you in your job search.


Good luck for your next Interview! 

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