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Life Advice

Giving Something Back

By Penny Simpson

It dawned on me that I needed to do something, get involved and have a positive impact. Apart for my recruitment business slowing down, I personally have coped well with the lockdowns.

However, I appreciated that for many, it was a complete isolation from people, society, and basic needs. So, I decided I would do something to help and I signed up to be a Voluntary NHS Covid Responder, officially known as Voluntary Royal Service (got a nice ring to it!).

This was in line something I wanted to do for a while as I like helping the more "mature generation".  Working from home gave me some extra time in lunch breaks to put to good use and the odd hour in evenings. When available, I update my status on the NHS App and go "On duty". Requests filter through to me to connect with people needing support in the community. I call them for the details of what I can do to help them, this could be anything from collecting prescriptions to some shopping supplies.

Few positives from my experience include:

1) Making a difference in a situation I cannot change

2) Makes me feel proud of myself

3) Learning about the local community

4) A little help goes a long way (corny but true)

5) My children see me doing something practical to help others in a crisis

6) An 87-year-old lady who has no family now has a regular contact doing her weekly Aldi shop and I will continue to do so when the “crisis is over. She loves her Chocolate (-:

The last 4 weeks have been an absolute eye opener and so incredibly up lifting.   It has not taken my time away from my family or my work. IT is really flexible and can “ dip in dip out “

I am delighted to have got stuck in and I truly believe in the importance of treasuring our old folk like precious jewels.  I hope in turn I will also be minded with love and attention when my time comes ????

If anyone was considering signing up but wanted a little bit more real-life info, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would be happy to tell you about my experience.  The App is also easy to use and in my opinion a credit to the NHS and the team involved in the development.

As recruiters we are naturals with people – why not get out there and use your people skills to make a difference…



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