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How to be passionate during an interview!

By Antal International

How to be passionate during job interviews?


Interviews are one of the most stressful things you can do, but with a little preparation and these tips, you'll come out on top!

Recruiters are placing more and more emphasis on the passion communicated by each candidate. Showing passion will convince recruiters that you are not only motivated to achieve excellence but that you can be a long-term asset to their team.


Showing your passion in an interview is difficult, especially with the pressure and stress of answering tricky interview questions. You may want to focus on listing everything you have on your CV therefore becoming repetitive or robotic.

 how to prepare for any types of interviews?


Start with your WHY:


The discussion will most of the time starts with common interview questions to assess your skills and experiences! They are not wrong answers on that one and it is your chance to demonstrate your greatest strengths: Passion and knowledge!

The big secret is to give reasons for your choice of activities/career and previous experiences. Instead of listing what you have done, explain why you chose and did the experiences listed in your CV.

Passion can be fueled by different reasons, a personal story, a professional ambition or the desire to work in a profession that constantly innovates.

Starting with the why will present your career in an insightful way, which is much more engaging and exciting for your audience. Think about telling a story.


Establish the HOW:


Your motivational statements will be verified with your work experience and the projects outcomes.

Your enthusiasm in stating the goals achieved and the results of projects will demonstrate your passion and investment in your previous roles. You will be considered as a good fit!


Show when you have put in extra hours:


Think outside the box. Most candidates will list their hard work and performance! You will be memorable and recognized as a passionate candidate

if you list what you have done in your spare time to develop your skills. University projects, competitions, work you have done for free

or regular online learning to keep up to date are examples that support your interest in a profession or sector.


Do your research:


The last task is researching the company culture, work environment, work ethic and career paths of the hiring manager. You should have a list of five questions to ask your interviewers to show how curious and enthusiastic you are about the job.

To take this a step further, you can also find out about the latest trends in the sector, which may be related to the company's current or potential projects.

 Video interview or not, do not neglect your body language!


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