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How to handle micromanagement

By Antal International

A recent survey we conducted revealed that 85% of professionals have experienced micromanagement during their working life. So we've decided to summarise some tips on how to identify the signs of micromanagement and deal with it before it has a negative impact on your job satisfaction.

1) Where does it come from?

Micromanagement often stems from a lack of confidence in employees and a fear that they will not do their job properly. It can also occur when managers feel more comfortable doing the work themselves and get too involved in their team's tasks.


2) Signs of micromanagement


  • Frequent requests for updates and results
  • Focus on small details rather than the big picture
  • Employees have no control over their work.
  • Difficulty delegating tasks


3) How to deal with a micromanager


  • Understand the reason: Recognise that micromanagement often comes from a feeling of insecurity or a lack of confidence.
  • Establish trust:

- Transparency: Diplomatically explain your desire to have more responsibility and control over your tasks.

- Anticipation: Provide proactive updates to build trust over time.


  • Set limits

- Stand your ground and propose compromises, such as moving from daily to weekly reporting, to balance the needs of both parties.


  • Ask HR for recommendations

- If you find direct communication difficult, ask HR to act as mediator and provide impartial advice to resolve the problem.


Young workers are more likely to leave their jobs if they are not satisfied, which underlines the importance of a positive working environment. Business leaders and HR managers need to avoid micromanagement in favour of a culture where employees feel listened to and valued.


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